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In this thread you write

The thread in entitled Get Over it [stereotype] iin the Great Debates just in case my link doesn’t work.
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What do you mean people like me? White people? Bigots? You mean all those rap songs that use the word nigger do so to make fun of people like me? When a black says to his pal “What’s up, nigger?” he’s doing it to make fun of other people? For some reason I’m highly doubtful that your conclusion is true.

Can you find any past post of mine where I called someone nigger, chink, slant eyed, kike, rag head, faggot, queer, spic, wetback, or darkie? Did I say I called people those things in real life? No, I didn’t think I did. Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit.



Thank you for providing the proper link Ice Wolf.


in this thread you say



I meant people who think it’s “fair game” to use derogatory terms for those of other ethnicities. That IS what you said.

Wow, Marc. I would see about getting those meds adjusted if I were you. Have a nice day.

Blowero, where did he use a deragatory term for a person of another ethnicity. That’s what were trying to establish.

And by the way pieces of shit, no matter how much they rally, are not considered an ethnic group.

Excuse me: the preferred term is “Fragmental Excretement” or “The Fragmentally Excreted”. And we are, in fact, an ethnic group. Have you never heard the (derogatory) term “Piece of Shit father” or “worthless Piece of Shit sister”?

Your denial of this important ethnic identity shows your true, dark, bigoted nature. This, along with your defense fantasy sex shows the horrible sort of person youare.

I can only hope that one day you’ll join the rest of us, the Fragments of Excretement (FOE).

Thank you

Fenris FOE

[sub]Oh damn, this is just hanging right over the plate isn’t it? I mean, it’s like t-bal. So many possible responses, I don’t know which one to pick. [/sub]

“The correct classification is Republicans”

Jarbaby, the correct term is ‘fecal American’”

and… [sub]oh jesus, she’s going to tear me a new one for this[/sub]

“they are consideed Cubs fans”

Don’t confuse MGibson’s psychotic rant with what actually happened. I never said he did use such a term. What he said was that it should be “fair game”. To wit:

And you would have known that if Mr. Potty-mouth had bothered to post more than 2 out-of-context sentences of mine, but he was obviously too busy typing 4-letter words. And I’m not going to debate it any further. That should have been done in the thread, instead of going postal and calling people names.

No pieces of shit were harmed in the preceding post;)