"Names you associate with niggers"

Got your attention, didn’t I? Well, I meant to, and no, it’s not a Troll.

Over in Cafe Society, Liirogue started a thread “Names you associate with white trash”. Several of us came in, and explained politely that “white trash” is a demeaning bigoted term, about on the level of “Nigger” - or “spic” “wetback” “kike” or whatever floats someones racist boat.

Did Liirogue apologize? No, he/she tried to explain his way out by saying the term only applied to “lowlifes” (this did not help
at all ) . Then he invited us out of his thread. :rolleyes:

Please dudes- don’t used such demeaning bigoted words in casual conversation. They are insulting, and in poor taste- at best.

Perhaps some Mod can have a little talk with Liirogue, or we can all pile on him here.

Maybe, if we explain how fucking* WRONG his use of the term is - it will sink in. Maybe not. :dubious:
*gratitous profanity thrown in for PIT’s sake.

Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese on a sesame seed LINK.

Trash is colorblind.

What happened to the pickles and the onions?

Exactly what I was thinking, kaylasdad99.

But dropping the N-bomb in a thread title isn’t.

Yet you are quite happy to do so here. There wasn’t any way to express your thoughts on this matter without racing to the bottom yourself?


Words are offensive because people are culturally trained to find them offensive. More people have been trained to find “nigger” offensive than “white trash”, so it could be argued that it IS more offensive. In my opinion, I personally think “white trash” is much less offensive. YMMV of course.

You forgot “pickle, onion”, ijit!

[sub]pls specify your age, race, sex, religion, and/or sexual orientation so I may use the appropriate offensive term.[/sub]

Well, I agree “white trash” is an offensive and demeaning term, but lilrogue explained at the outset that he was using the phrase to evoke certain sorts of first names. He doesn’t appear to have called anyone specifically “white trash”, so at worst I’d say he’s got a bit of a clue deficit.

But jeez, after 90 some-odd posts to the thread, if lilrogue hasn’t found an appropriate name for his silly stereotype by now, he or she isn’t going to.

“White trash” is not even close to being as offensive as the “N” word. There’s nothing more laughable than white people whining about anti-white bigotry.

I don’t believe Nigger is really offensive anymore.

Everywhere I see, black youth call each other Niggers. Even some white kids call each other niggers. (Wiggers, as some people call them). I don’t see anybody walking around calling themselves for white trash though.

If the term “Nigger” was suddenly banned, then that might lead to the downfall of the HipHop industry, as that is probably the most used word in their lyrics, right ahead of bitch, mercedes, versace, bling bling etc.


30 year old half black/half white Spanish/Jamaican heterosexual atheist male.

Good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn memory, I should have remembered the pickles and onions.

World Eater’s a damn bright! Get your bright ass outta here, brighty!

Oh wait, that’s supposed to be the good term for athiests… HAND STABBER!!!

Please explain how a certain group of people is not allowed to feel offended at insults.

Please explain how skin tone determines entitlement to offense in your eyes.

Finally, please explain how you rectify your attitudes with the desire of every rational person to not be a bigoted asshole.

Heathen halfbreed?

[sizw=1]Er. Nothing personal. Just taking the challenge. Can never tell when someone’s going to take offense.[/size]

Heathen halfbreed?

Er. Nothing personal. Just taking the challenge. Can never tell when someone’s going to take offense.

Of course Diogenes :rolleyes:

“Spic” “Kike” “bogtrotter” “Mick” “no Irish need apply”.

No need to be concerned about anti-white racism. :rolleyes:

Bigotry is bigotry, racism is racism.

Whoo! Not only a double post, a late double post!

Gee Derleth- I wish I saw your reply before I posted- yours is so much better. Thanks.

To some others here- yep. Bigotry is SOOOOO funny. :rolleyes:

World Eater, I think you’d be classified a “GanjaMoop.” :slight_smile:

Nigger in the title is just as objectionable.

Is it wrong to call someone a Mullet?