Point of Order-Hate Speech in the Pit

Since “white trash” obviously is not hate speech



I propose that the following terms are equally acceptable.

Yellow Peril.
Drunken Indian.
Jap trick.

et. al.

You didn’t get the memo? White people, being inherently priveleged, are fair game.

I agree that the phrase “white trash” is hate speech.

Yes, they probably are. That said, as a white person, I don’t feel the least bit offended whenever someone is called White Trash. Because, in my experience, that term is applied to a very specific kind … Some of the other examples you’ve given, however, are not aimed at a specific kind, but are generalised insults that slur a whole race.

OK. Point taken. How about–

Blue gum losers.

Black bastard.

Asian trash.


That is off the charts stupid. Some white people are privileged, just as some black people are privileged. Google “Appalachian poverty”.

Stupid question:

What’s a “Blue Gum”? I’ve never heard that one before.

I’m half-white, and I’m not half-offended by it (or offended by it at all, really).

So should we be allowed to use “nigger” in the Chris Rock sense of the word?

I don’t actually like the “no hate speech” rule in the pit; I’d rather see it allowed and people flamed and pitted for using it and banned for being a jerk if they’re clearly here to be racist assholes (ironically, I don’t recall any of the racist assholes from St0r M fr0n**T actually useing hate speech…)

Wait a minute. Dammit. I’ve been whooshed, haven’t I…

Speaking of irony, hate speech — in particular, the “n” word — is banned at Stormfront.

Are you from Charlotte? :slight_smile: It’s a Southern racist term for Blacks.

It’s those bastard good-for-nothing Neptunians, never putting in one day’s work, coming here and wooing away our wimmin with their flashy hyperdrives… Why don’t they all go back to their planet, grumble grumble…


The preferred term is “muds”, which is a very inclusive term, meaning anyone non-white. The problem arises when you try to get 3 or more of them to agree on what “white” means.

How about the term "douche bag "? As in you oversensitive douche bags need to get some perspective and get over yourselves.

I’m not full of myself at all. Please explain why “white trash” is acceptable and the other examples are not, if you can.

Please explain to my why you give a shit.

Religion is banned too. Divisive, they say.

Yes, Yes you have. (I was too at first)

Well isn’t this special. Something else to be offended about.

Why do you feel the need to ban any speech that you find distasteful? If you have a problem with the way a term is used take it up with the poster in that specific instance. Creating a naughty words list is about the most juvenile way I can imagine of solving this ‘problem’.

I am white and white trash doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If it did I wouldn’t start a crusade to stop everyone else from using the phrase because my feelings were in jeopardy. What a bunch of ------- pantywaist language police this board is starting to collect.

There is little to no historical or cultural baggage to white trash that would make it equivalent to nigger. White trash, as it is commonly used, refers to a fluid group of people that are identified by behavior. It is not a term given because of skin color, religion or national origin. I don’t use it because I don’t care to offend people when I have other ways of expressing myself. Then again I don’t take offense at the drop of a hat either. Relax, take up yoga or something and stop looking for reasons to be a ninny.

Why, yes. Yes, you have. :smiley:

Read the thread title.

There is a rule against hate speech in the Pit. It is not my rule. I am questioning the enforcement of it.

I never said “nigger.”

With regards to the part of your post I bolded–You have to be fucking kidding me. Nothing to do with skin color? You might want to back off of the yoga a bit. Your brains appear have been relocated to your ass.