Point of Order-Hate Speech in the Pit

Yes, we need more “forbidden” words and phrases for people to get offended at and go crying to the mods about. :rolleyes:

doesn’t censoring the boards in this way open up all kinds of civil liability problems for the dope, as they’re hosted in the US?

I’ve seen white trash used as a pejorative of class. It frequently is associated with people who live in trailers and Appalachians with bad teeth. I don’t buy the argument about a term’s parity with “nigger”. “N” achieved its status over a long period of usage associated with violence and hatred. The notion that we should wait until some other word catches up to disdain it is Neanderthal in its conception. But I agree that banning words is pretty stupid.

::raised eyebrow:: …?

Then question the rule about hate speech, as I am doing.

Understandably so, from their perspective. It is divisive–when the neopagans and the CI folks get into religious wars, the overriding message of hate gets lost in the noise.


If you are questioning the rule with the suggestion of removing it, and not trying to add to the list of naughty words (which was my interpretation), then I’m 100 percent behind you.

Nope, the boards could ban everything and leave us with “the, him and platypus” and we woud have to make due. The first amendment only applies to restrictions government places on speech. Private entities can restrict speech however they like.

Yes this does get put into the hall of fame of stupid things I have said. What I meant was that the ‘white’ part is inconsequential to the term. It is used to modify trash which is the insult. All of the other slurs listed are not used as indications of disapproval with behavior. Something like kike is universally applied regardless of behavior.

Does everyone find trailer trash to be equally offensive? Or is it the white part that gets under your skin. Maybe I am baffled because I hardly think white is the meat of the insult here and that trailer trash is exactly equivalent to white trash.

Exactly. Were they to dwell on their own differences, they might learn that they share similarities with others. After all, a Christian white and a Christian black ought to have the same interests.

So why don’t we just drop the “White” aspect of it, and use the more descriptive “Trailer Trash?”
Also, we can then tar more people with that brush, by saying things like “You damned Heathen Chinee trailer trash!”

It’s like this: Like it or not, there is a huge advantage to being white in this country. I don’t make the facts, I just report them. Given that, when you look at Economically Disadvantaged Cultural Capital Challenged People of Trailer of Western European Decent® in the context of the Rugged Individual Value System© that is so common in this country, it is not difficult to see why this group is singled out for contempt. They started life on third base, and still managed to fuck it up.

Also, I have to say; there is something just inherently contemptible and hilarious about the antics of the aforementioned group.

Dude, if that is what you are doing then I am completely with you. It seemed from the OP that you were trying to accomplish the opposite.

That’s how I read what he’s saying. In other words, the rule is so ridiculous that, to be consistent, here are more words your should ban.

I’d like to start the list with telephone, contraindicated, and Aspen, Colorado.

I could have been more clear. What I am saying is if we have a rule forbidding hate speech, then white trash should be forbidden. I would prefer no rule, but am disturbed that trash is *de facto * justified.

White Trash: It’s a plebeian thing - You wouldn’t understand

The “color” thing is more like, instead of being used to describe OTHER people, it’s usually used as a self-descriptor and is therefor gets a “pass”, the same way fag and nigger gets a pass when used by gays and blacks.

Unless you consider it hate speech when a gay person calls another a fag…the majority of times, I’ve heard the term trash, it’s been white people, describing other white people.

The question is, if a “known” black doper, describes another black person as a nigger in a negative way; is that to be considered hate speech?

I like it!! I hereby propose that we change “white trash” to “people of trailer”.

Yeah, those sixth generation welfare hicks living in hovels without electricity or plumbing in the mountains of Kentucky sure had all the breaks, and blew it.