ZPG_Zealot has been banned for hate speech

After discussion, it has been decided to ban ZPG_Zealot for hate speech. In particular, we find many of her posts in these threads incompatible with her remaining a member of the Straight Dope community.


We want to emphasize that the mere use of the word “nigger” is not prohibited on the board, and that in appropriate contexts it does not constitute hate speech. What we found unacceptable is ZPG_Zealot’s statements that she has repeatedly used the term specifically for the purpose of denigrating Black people, and that she defended its use in that context. That unequivocally constitutes hate speech. In particular, the following post* was way over the line, in particular in stating a person was deserving of physical harm:

While ZPG_Zealot does not have recent warnings, those she has received in the past were for also for abhorrent statements, such as advocating murder and in particular infanticide.

*For the record, ZPG_Zealot later edited that post to remove some of the most inflammatory statements. However, she did not do so until 17 hours after the original post was made. Since under former board standards she would only have had five minutes to make such a change, I have restored the post. In any case, her other statements in those threads also constituted hate speech.