White Supremacy is not a rhetorical tactic, ZPG_Zealot

I would have liked to make this post in the thread in question, but it was declared off topic by the mod. I considered which forum to put this in, but the Pit seems appropriate if only so people can also use this to continue the topic of how racist @ZPG_Zealot was being, without having to hold back. It definitely freed me up a bit.

She didn’t merely “use the tools of white supremacism.” She revealed, with her words, that she sees black people as inferior. Using racist slurs isn’t a rhetorical tool at all–it just reveals what you believe. It isn’t something you can just put on for a purpose.

So I don’t see how saying that you shouldn’t say the shit white supremacists say is a repudiation of the idea that all rhetorical strategies are valid. It’s not one. A better repudiation is to mention actual strategies, like, for example, lying. Lying is a rhetorical strategy, and it’s wrong. Threats of violence are a rhetorical strategy, and are wrong.

I also think that a petty squabble over what someone said in another thread is weird when facing someone flat out admitting to bigotry, like @ZPG_Zealot did. Not only was she bigoted towards black people, but she admits her own bigotry towards all men. Yet she loves to hide it behind the idea that we all have to “accept her culture”–despite every other Rom person I know saying they don’t agree with her at all.

I see no reason to see @iiandyiiii as the person to go after for his poorly considered statement in another thread, rather than @ZPG_Zealot for being such an utter bigot. Sometimes I even question if she’s really who she claims to be.

Very doubtful. I have nephews who are products of the University of Texas System; if even half of her antics are truthful, they should have heard of her through the university grapevine.

Found this from four years ago:

Very well put.

There’s no point ‘going after’ ZPG_Zealot. She’s nutso, and no one’s going to listen to her. Whereas iiandyiiii is a rational, if sometimes terrifying, poster.

I had forgotten about that thread! Life was more fun when I had her/him/it on ignore, but the change of platforms didn’t keep the list. I’ll have to find out the settings, life is too short to deal with trolls / mentality unbalanced people.

I’ve been called “the most dangerous poster on this board”. And now I’m “sometimes terrifying”.

You guys are going to give me a big head!

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Too late.

Who called you that?

Uh oh, the hippo is getting upset.

Hippos are the most dangerous large land mammals. Suddenly it all makes sense!


I’ll look for the specific post later.

I also forgot that @covfefe called me “the worst evil he’s ever faced down” and “compared to me, Trump is an angel”, or words to that effect. It was in his profile text, so I’m not sure if that exists any more.

Now I’m really curious why he said that. And what the heck did you do to warrant being called worse than Trump?

iiandiiiii is one of my favorite posters here. He always responds calmly and with grace, even when facing the most ridiculous lying, disingenuous posters. Maybe those other posters think he’s dangerous because he lays out his case so clearly and indisputably that it destroys their own positions.

Back to the OP, I think it’s weird that someone who talks about racism against Roma people so often could be so racist. She even sees racism against Roma here in the US and, if it exists, it’s very minor.

Here: Are accusations of raicsm/sexism/bigotry abused?

And here is the quote from covfefe: Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

I still don’t know what I said to set covfefe off.

Awww, thanks for the kind words! I’m a fan of yours as well.

But 1 demerit for forgetting the “y” and misplaced “i’s” in my username.

Dammit! I replaced the Y with an I! And, I even know how to remember it – glasses off, andy, glasses on.

That’s very surprising. I think it’s safe to say travellers are easily the single most hated and despised minority here in Europe.

Re :eyes:&e :eyes: :eyes::

Ah. I see.

We just don’t really have them here, and if we do, they’re either assimilated or (I suppose?) doing tarot card readings or something? Is that racist to say? They’re just not visible here.

I expect she’s probably right about bigotry towards Roma people in the US. Never underestimate Americans’ (or anyone, really) capacity for bigotry. Especially in Texas, where she lives.

I’ve not always 100% agreed with Andy, but it never occurred to me that he’s ‘dangerous’ in any way. Where that comes from, I have no idea.