I pit Novelty Bobble

Expressing opinions that are racist as fuck, while playing the “I’m not touching you” game. And now trying to get people to call them a racist in IMHO to further their victimhood status.

Where are you putting him?

Also, link?

< Setting out the “Who’s The Racist Scum” scales >

On one side… Mighty_Mouse…

On the other side… D_Anconia…

Hmmm… who will be judged the ignorant racist scumbag?
( Judges? To your Posting buttons… )

Unsurprisingly, I can’t parse this sentence into anything sensible.

You messed up the title of the thread.

Ah, thanks.

Do you have a link to any of this alleged behavior?

Typo in thread title fixed.


No, this is one of those threads where you blindly accuse someone and everyone just chimes in and says “Yeah, fuck them!” I’m pretty sure based on the OP that’s what this is supposed to be. So yeah, fuck that guy maybe!

Fuck assholes!

Not literally, unless that’s your thing.

I hate OPs like this that provide no context. Not all of us read every single thread on this board. If you’re so afraid of the pittee seeing the link notification in the original thread, why did you think you could get away with mentioning their username in the thread title?

Grow a pair, Meeky_Mouse.

I was merely asking a mod if under the rules I could link to the thread.

Read the linked thread and understand the pitting.

I am a tiny bit rules oriented, that’s for sure.

While I’m glad the OP linked the thread, I do note that searches on Discourse are much easier. Given the username and the forum, it takes a couple seconds to see which thread he was probably talking about, as it mentions racism in the title. It’s the one on top when you search @Novelty_Bubble #IMHO.

As for the guy, he’s hit my radar a few times on these types of topics. He comes across as the type who is unknowingly clueless about bigotry related stuff, and thinks they get to dictate what does and doesn’t count as bigoted—not society, and definitely not the minority in question.

They also tend to get offended when the subjects come up, and thus get very defensive and stubborn. I suspect they themselves have done the thing being describes as (possibly) racist. Rather than using that as a heads up that maybe they should reconsider doing so in the future, they instead take it as an insult. “I’m obviously not racist! They must be the ones who are wrong!”

The irony is that, if they’d just listen, they wouldn’t encounter these situations so often. If they’d not read the mere discussion of bigotry as an insult, they’d learn to better navigate these very concepts they seem to have so much trouble with.

Instead, the stubbornness often leads to saying more and more bigoted shit in order to defend themselves, with them winding up worse than where they started. For example, if NB had just said “Huh. I did made that sort of assumption before and no one seemed offended. I didn’t realize it might offensive. I didn’t mean anything bad by it,” then this would have been over with. Instead, he now has the outcome he clearly didn’t want: posters clearly implying he is in fact racist, misogynist, homophobic, etc.

So my advice if you don’t want people to say those things about you is, well, don’t do that. Try the above strategy of being open to the ideas presented, rather than getting defensive. Try an outward focus instead of an inward one.

I had a college roommate. Nice guy, total stoner. He often drove stoned, and insisted that weed made him drive more carefully, so there was nothing dangerous about it.

When he said that, it wasn’t at all persuasive. Instead, all it persuaded me of was that his judgment was for shit, and that he had no self-awareness or willingness to engage in honest self-reflection. It made me more, not less, wary of driving with him.

Edit: I hope it doesn’t come across like I’m comparing my roommate to Novelty_Bubble. Like I said, my roommate was a nice guy. NB seems like a real wanker.

The whole reason why they implemented the rule that required Pit thread titles not insult SDMB posters, is so that when you link to a Pit thread they don’t have an insulting tag included. Since that rule went into place it’s not a big deal. You chose a neutral title for this thread so you should be good.

(I am not a mod, just posting the rules as I understand them.)

Thanks a mod also kindly explained that to me.

I didn’t want to pick up a warning in the Pit while trying not to pick up a warning in IMHO!