New Pit rule? Must Pit VCO3 every month?

I am sick and tired of this. The guy is persecuted as a troll when actually he is just blunt. Forgive his tone, but he dismisses the natural politically correct gesturing of most of us here.

Yes, I am ranting over the latest thread started in the Pit about him. Am I am not even arguing about bringing up the discussion. lorene’s question was a valid one. What I am angry about is the reflexive “OMG what a troll” sort of talk.

The guy is not a troll. Hell, he’s actually a nice guy who has liked to offer support and advice to members when he can*. Wasn’t a Pit thread started about this guy last week for the sole reason was that he was trying to give advice/help in his own VCO3 sort of way?! (refering to Indygrrl’s unfortunate departure)

If you searched for the number of threads he started you’ll find a good number started in the Pit. You know how many target SDMB members? Zero. There is only one yelling about the website load speed, who hasn’t lamented that? He’s targeted for wishing AIDS upon kindergardeners (true, but kinda funny if you’re morbidly inclined), and spitting in customer’s coffee (actually not true). But he has never wished harm on any of us, or have broken down to insults in argument.

Now, if you searched for his posts rather than threads you’ll find a lot of very good contributions in Cafe, as well as a number of very good GQ subjects.

Most recently he was openly called a racist without any reprimant for a Cafe thread regarding a racially themed video game. I know he has rased many questions in the past for some pretty stupid racially themed issues (stupid on his part), but does that allow open insults in the Cafe nowadays?

It’s not a troll guys. It’s just some guy working in an office, blowing off steam, raising interesting topics, and realizing that there’s a portion of our SDMB membership that doesn’t like him.

Anyways, I like him.

cheers for bigbabysweets2000

I do somewhat wonder if he’s mildly autistic or something, but I agree that he doesn’t seem to have any ill will.

Yep. Mildly irritating and often clueless, but I enjoy a good number of his posts.

He’s the sort of poster that keeps this board lively and relevant (reading motto at top of page…)

That was me, and I stopped short from calling him a racist you FUCKING moron. I implied that that when white people cry “Racism!” with no cause they’re being demeaning to black people.

Hmmmm. What do you call it when a white person, no matter how well intentioned, is being demeaning to black people?

You know what? Maybe I did call him a racist.
Because he was being one.

What, are we not allowed to dislike fellow Dopers now?

It does prove one thing, though. A large number of those who claim to note the post and not the poster are liars.

He sucks and I think he passed the “don’t be a jerk” rule a long fucking time ago, so much so that I wonder why he hasn’t been banned.

I agree with the OP.

I didn’t see a problem with the rape question, as I made clear in his Pit Thread, or Indygrrl’s thread either. I would probably not even know who he was if he didn’t get pitted so damn much. VCO3 seems to me like a well-meaning and kind of sweet person. What gives?
ETA: If he has done assholish things in the past, I could see why people would take a biased perspective against the two threads in question. But as they stand, objectively, without knowing any history of the poster, I don’t see the problem.


reads bigbabysweets2000 post*


I saw VCO3 in the title and just thought…y’know…
I totally agree with the OP and others. I think some people here have a bit of a hair-trigger, and VCO3 seems to be on the receiving end of that quite often. (btw, has he ever explained his name? what the hell is a VCO3? hm.)

I also seem to remember that he once posted his picture, and he was quite cute. As everybody knows, cuteness is the important thing.

I believe it’s a brand of synthesizer.

You mean it isn’t already a rule? It happened so regularly I thought it was a pit requirement.

Sweet? olivesmarch4th, you really think he’s sweet?

While I immediately think of Vanadium Tricobolt, it’s more likely something to do with frequency modulation.

If we need some new people to pit, I don’t think I’ve ever been pitted. I don’t mind, you can pit me like a naughty school girl!
*Note to self: Try to be more of an asshole.

Ah. Thanks Miller and kidchameleon.

It’s a control on an analog synth. Voltage controlled oscillator, this being the third of three (or more). Basically, it generates a wave form, the pitch of which varies depending on how much voltage it gets. Normally, the voltage is controlled by switches resembling a piano keyboard.

When there are three of them, they can be independantly tuned so that they form a triad, or other interesting combination of notes.

Well, the posts I’ve seen with him involved comforting a guy going through clinical depression and being very nice to me when I answered a question nobody else would.

So, yeah. Based on my own limited experience, yeah. Sweet.

I agree with the OP. I think sometimes we actively try to hound people off the boards, we pick on them so much. He’s tough enough to take it, some others haven’t been. I think constantly hounding people changes the tone of the boards, because people will respond and post less, and post less openly, and I think this has happened already.

Why would anyone pit naughty school girls? We need more of those. There are far more enjoyable things to do with them.

A thread DEFENDING me? I’m amazed! Thanks!

Look, the last thing I want to be is one of this board’s “celebrities” - I hate the cliquish nature of this place, where the Kool Kids get massive replies and those that aren’t find their threads sinking off of the page. For some reason - probably because I “go the extra mile” in my Pit threads, fully letting out the venom and insanity that the average person keeps in check all day - I’ve become a lightning rod on this board! All I want is board anonymity - to be one of those posters like 00100 who nobody knows and cares about even though they’ve made thousands of posts.

The Pit is a place to let out the hatred, the bile, the inner schizo, the spastic, the tourretic, when you just need to blow off steam. Some people seem to just not understand that.

By the way, “spitting in coffee” is my personal “Play it again, Sam” - I never, ever claimed to do such a thing, but other posters fabricated this and started repeating it.

Thanks for the support!

Whoa Monkey! That seems a bit uncalled for - not to mention you come off like a dumbass.

“I didn’t call him a racist!”

“Yes I did”

It sounds like some poorly written Monty Python sketch.
WTF? :confused: