Is the SDMB clique a real phenomenon?

It’s just that secret.

Yep…and your post has just been owned by them :wink:

Jeez, you’d figure the hamster would be all rested after his two-day break. :slight_smile:

(Ignore my first post…the OP came back.)

It’s a cabal™.

I can’t see the OP: does that mean I’m not part of the clique.

It was posted in invisible ink.

I’m not part of the actual clique, but I do serve as the personal physician to the clique members. I’m generally responsible for the detox process.

It’s an eminence grise sort of thing. :cool:

There’s many a geek with the straight dope mystique
But, it takes a real freak to be part of the clique.

I think there’s more than one clique.


Yes, it is very real; and here is where the Cool Kids meet to talk about us:

Secret Forum for the SDMB cabal

[link broken-Czarcasm]

I believe the clique is real. I bet it’s something like that movie “Eyes Wide Shut”.

I’m sorry, I can’t reveal anymore information than that. :cool:

Tars removes his mask and reveals…George Bush!!!


The Apocalypse is coming; I found december’s post both amusing and clever.

Duck & cover, children.

And, they need a lawyer to handle the bail hearings, of course. That means I see them before they even start the detox process. Not pretty. :eek:


Wasn’t there some clandestine emoticon rule. Or am I thinking of different clique.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Just use your mouse and be part of the point and clique crowd.


WTF are you people babbling about? :confused: