Max Carnage you F***!

Ask and you shall receive…Let’s try to pit everyone this week!

Diku, you are a idiotic scumbag!

Hamlet, you stole the girl of my dreams you… you… you horribly nice person!

lieu, reading your fart stories made me laugh so hard I farted! You bastard!

Zanshin your timing and foot-work is atrocious.

Bippy, I cannot strick a match on your baby-smooth skin. En garde!

Biggirl, your location is vague. Vauge, I say!

Biggirl, you’re not nearly as big as you think you are.


…nah, I don’t think I want to piss her off.

Ahem. Okay, I’ll suck it up.

Biggirl, you made me shoot water through my nose! Dammit, I’m picturing you in a fencing suit! I laugh, then I cry, as water fills my sinuses. You bitch!

Goddamn it Ol’Gaffer! You and your Rocky Mountain [er, Sierra] high self snuck in there!

No comments on my typing. I’m sensitive.

Pravnik you idiot! It’s tap circle circle step tap step, not circle tap tap circle step tap.

Fucking no talent hack.

San Diego huh? Well, everyone know that the only things that come out of San Diego are tall, good-looking surfer boys and bikini models.


Monsemse. I am a pefectly good tapist and an accomplished type dyncer.

Pravnik, I glare vaguely in your direction, you bastard.


MachineHead, please be more gentle during oral sex. Your SO would like you to be more of a GoodHead.

I find Zenster’s posts to be excessively underpresent.

You just know he’s sitting somewhere, sucking down a jar of Miracle Whip, leaving us to cook for ourselves…I haven’t eaten in months. Bamn the datrastard.

What am I fucking invisible?

Fuck you all.


You’re all jerks, and I’m tired of dealing with the entire lot of you.

And I’m tired of these weak-assed “I was just kidding” Pit threads too.

And I don’t like broccoli as much as I did when I was a kid. It gives me heartbun and gas.

And I don’t like Coldfire, UncleBeer, or CajunMan just because they’re the moderators in MPSIMS, just because I’m feeling cranky today, because I had to sit through some completely useless “mandatory training,” which consisted of some boring guy telling me stuff that I already knew.

And I don’t like BigGirl just because she’s all big and stuff.

Hey Exgineer, I bet you couldn’t do statics if your life depended on it! Engineer, indeed…
[/lame engineer insult]