I want to Pit someone, but can't think of who.

It seems SO the Thing To Do, pitting someone good.

Hey Dronefarter You Stupid or Just Ugly?*”

Bananaface, You Ignorant Turd

  • User names completely made up which is pathetic. If I can’t even use real names, how am I going to find the balls to Pit someone??

Something like that.

The problem is, that by the time someone has said something worthy of riling me - calm, controlled me - to the point of Pit-ness, someone else usually has them on a spit, turning slowly. I’m not immune to jump in and land a couple kicks square to the 'nads when someone is down, but I never get there FIRST.

Ok, aside from that one last month about the Bus Kid’s nut job boyfriend*, but what I mean is I want to Pit someone that’s here that says something idiotic and needs a good, solid, no-holds barred Pitting.

*We’re not talkikng about that by the way, OK?

The other, probably bigger problem is that I just seldom get riled up enough to really get Pit-mad at anyone here.

Also, I don’t think I’m clever enough to spout some good, original Pit Jobs. A lot of times, the first reply to a Pit is someone rating it, and I’m not good at rejection or being judged. Then of course, once you start one of those Pits against another user, or heaven forbid, a Mod, someone else jumps in on the opposite side of the argument and next thing I know, I’m in the midst of a shit storm, and confrontation just sucks. I’m such a frigging nancy-boy that way.

So I guess I’ll just resign myself to jumping into the Pit once in a while, eh?

So what you’re saying is, you won’t through some one under the bus?

That should be throw.

Geez, who could misspell throw? Someone oughta pit your for that. :wink:

That’s it. Off to the Pit with you and your sub-standard spelling!

Well, no not really. But that felt pretty good just saying it.

Hmm, I thought it was some obscure reference like the many things here on the SMDB that I don’t get. Someone should pit me for being a pop culture idiot.

And while we’re at it, we Pit your too! :wink:

Bananaface will be coming after you shortly, why would you go after such a nice poster? Poor Man has a deformity and you would pit him?
(I keed)

You could pit a politician, they are always fair game. Pit a shallow celebrity, but those are boring. You could pit Pits. Damn pits in grapes, I afraid of chipping my teeth.

You could pit a mod, but don’t call then a C*nt. You could pit me, but I would probably try to make amends.


You can pit me. No really - go ahead. It’ll make you feel better. Trust me.

What? Are you AFRAID to pit me?? You don’t think I’m WORTHY of a good PITTING??? HUH???

Alright then. I thought so.
you still can, here I am walking away… not expecting anything…

Have you got any strong political or religious beliefs we could belittle for you?
I mean, I’m not any good at this kind of thing either, but I could have a go.
Goddamn pacifists with yer non-aggressive tendencies etc etc…


  1. I am arguably the most disgusting part of a horrifying, real life deep sea creature that nonetheless also lives under my bed.

  2. Also, I am from Kansas.

  3. And I vote Democrat (usually)… and yet am anti-abortion (in most cases).
    Come on… I clearly deserve it! What else do you want from me!!**

No way, Goblin Shark Proboscis, **Mr Bus Guy ** should PIT me!

  1. I don’t drink beer or coffee.

  2. I’m from Texas.

  3. I’m a woman engineer.

  4. I’m an Aggie.

  5. I’m almost always 15 minutes late to work.

  6. I’m a card carrying member of the Traffic Cone Preservation Society.

… the list goes on and on.

Awwww, I’ve never pitted! Can I have one chance? Just one thread? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Me, crab rangoons are good to eat.

Who’s reading this thread to you?

I think you ought to consider Pitting people who lurk in the Pit without ever starting their own Pits.

Wait…crap. :smack:

:::Goes back to lurking:::

I was mean to you in the Pit once. Does that count?

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.*

*Ralph Wiggum, Simspons

It’s against board rules to pit someone for being really sweet and fun. Sorry.

Unless their being that way grates on one’s last nerve. Besides, you never know which way a pitting will go. Some of the backfires have been awesome, long threads.