Have you ever been Pitted?

If so, how many times?

I haven’t been Pitted…yet. Does anyone even care if they have been?

If this is not appropriate, the Mods know what to do.

I was pitted for using the word “redneck.” Apparently, some people automatically consider this to be a racial slur.

Not to my knowledge.

At least once that I remember; maybe twice (early on in my posting career). But some people just have an itchy pit finger; I don’t think I’m anything special.

Nope, never. I’ve also only pitted someone once.

I’ve been pitted…3 times that I know of. One time was legit, and I apologized. The other two were the deranged acts of flaming assholes. :smiley:

Nope. I think I don’t post enough to warrant a good Pitting. And I can only remember one time that I felt the need to Pit someone else.

Well, you live in the same city that I do, so I’ll refrain from pitting you. I’ll also refrain from pitting you because I have absolutely no reason to. Go Bucks!

I don’t go into the Pit very often, so I doubt I would even know if I was pitted. Probably better that way.

I think I tend to fly under the radar, mostly, and it’s only been fairly recently that I even came out of lurk, so there have been no pittings of me. I tend to be fairly noncontroversial, so the only thing I can see getting me pitted is if I mention The Killers one too many times in Cafe Society and somebody snaps.

Not well or successfully. (I tend to attract incompetenmt Pitters. Simple questions placed in the Pit due to my Mod status do not reflect poorly on the Pitters and are not included in the prior assessment.)

The one time I was Pitted, I wound up becoming friends with the poster that did it (hi, Auto!), so it wound up being OK. That said, not eager to have it happen again. It’s a strange experience.

Well, I would give the official State Cheer, but I wouldn’t want to annoy everyone else in the thread.
Oh, what the hell: O H!

Nope. Tried like hell one time, but I can’t maintain a high enough level of vitriol for to deserve a pitting. Not really sure what it was about, but it was right at the beginning of my paid membership.

If I am to be pitted, I hope it’s because of a strongly held belief that the pitter doesn’t agree with, rather than one of my stupid-ass posts that are embarrassing to read a week later.

I look at tomndebb and see an oracle of clarity. If we had the exact same set of values, I’d say an Oracle of wisdom. What I’ve gleaned from this site, indicates that tomndebb may not exactly be on my “side” theologically or possibly morally, but I’ll always listen to what he says. I respect him regardless of whether or not I agree with him.

Why am I bringing this up in a seemingly unrelated thread? I started it, and I can.

Back to the original question, Have you ever been pitted?

I O!


3.5 times. Only the 0.5 had even the barest shadow of a valid point. Of the others, two of the OPs were idiots who were shortly afterward banned for their behaviour. The third is still around, to my rather mild surprise.

I’ve been pitted twice for what seemed to me to be very strange reasons. Once for maintaining that Saudi Arabia had a particular kind of currency, for which I had overwhelming evidence. Another time was about me saying that cell phones interfering with hospital equipment in 5% of tested cases was more than enough reason to ban their use in certain areas.

In both cases, before I even discovered the threads, other members had posted very strong defences of my positions. I ended up feeling pretty good about it, because the overwhelming sence in the threads was they shouldn’t have been started.

Not as far as I know. People sometimes seem quite comfortable with expressing their contempt right where they are, without taking it to the pit.