that insipid Coyote is starting to really piss me off

We’ve had a coyote problem on our farm for the last year or so, I’ve heard it at night, but never saw it, until last night, when I saw it crossing the road over by the Kittery traffic circle, at first I thought it was a German Shepherd, but it was too small and too gray, since I thought it was a shepherd, I swerved to avoid it, if I had known it was a coyote, i wouldn’t have swerved, but continued on straight towards it…

tonight, when I pulled into the driveway, it was less than 50 feet from the car, in the yard…

…it was hunting our cats…

luckilly, the car scared it off

that’s IT, the gloves are off, I WAS considering killing it as humanely as possible, with a center-mass lung shot or head shot with a .22 Magnum hollow point

now, since it’s chosen to aggresively hunt our cats, it’s earned the honor of being dispatched with the 12-gauge loaded with #4 buckshot…

I just stepped out a few minutes ago to go to the 7-11 again, and shined my SureFire A2 Aviator out into the field, and sure enough, it was out there, waiting for the cats to go outside, still hunting them

unfortunately, due to where it was, it wouldn’t have been safe to shoot it , as behind it was our neighbor’s house, if I missed, it would be possible that the bullet (or shot cloud) could impact their house

Wile E., your days are numbered, Super Genius or not, no amount of poorly designed ACME products will save you…

Happy hunting. But a live trap may keep you out of jail.

Fuck that shit. Your cats are your pets. Your pets are part of your family (although to a lesser extent than your human relatives).

Happy hunting.

That coyote is really a crazy clown.

Time to keep the kitties inside for a few days until you get it.

What is with all the coyote hate around this place?

Well, maybe if you used some of your ACME products to tell your relative to leave our property, i wouldn’t have to kill him, but the instant he sees our cats as food, game over, man, game over…

we have a large farm, and I did check with Maine Fish and Wildlife department, it is legal for us to hunt the coyote on our property without a permit, and it IS legal (although not sporting or playing fair) to both bait it, and hunt at night with my battery-powered 10 million candlepower spotlight, as long as I’m not hunting it from a vehicle

normally, I’m a live-and-let-live kinda’ guy, but since the coyote is hunting our cats, the gloves are off, also, my sister (who has a house on the property) has two kids, 3 and 5, as well as a miniature dachsund, and some horses, the horses are safe (unless the coyote suddenly gets delusions of grandeur…), but the kids and the dog could be at risk, as this coyote shows no fear of humans

…possibly because one of the other farmers down the road (he raises corn) actually feeds the coyote(s) :smack: :mad:

the coyote has two choices…

2; Start pushing up daisies

‘Nuthin wrong with shootin’ … As long as the right animals get shot."

Dirty Harry 1973.

If the problem is that the coyote is insipid, may I suggest some bacon salt?

You know it’s not just one coyote, right? And really, keep the cats (and their food) inside. At least until you are sure no more predators are around.

yep, where there’s one there are sure to be others, they’re like cockroaches, or maybe politicians, either way they’re annoying and must be stopped

I understand your feelings about the coyote, of course. But, I’m curious–Do your cats hunt rodents or birds or lizards? Are you okay with that? Acme products aside, your kitties get to be top of the food chain based upon the backing of a superpower.