That is freaky ass looking critter!

Via Fark… Brrrrr… bad dreams tonight.

The little critter was discovered Tuesday evening in the backyard of an East Palo Alto home

If I ever see something like that in or near my home, I’m going to assume that I’m unable to drive or operate machinery for a while.
And maybe turn on the Floyd…

Darn, I thought this was going to be about another Chupacabra sighting.

Marmosets aren’t that freaky.

Oh man… you are so wrong…that thing’s out for blood!… and maybe some cockroaches.

Just don’t get it wet, or feed it after midnight, and everything will be fine.

Well I for one think they’re kind of cute. They look like my kids. Kind of.*

*not really

Marmosets from Hell.

Looks like an alley cat and a monkey had a romantic interlude … :eek:

Before I enlarged the pics, I thought it was wearing a tshirt. See, THAT would have been freaky.

Looks like a Dr. Moreau experiment.

I wonder if it has two asses?

And if they’re bright red, like a gibbon? Damn, that WOULD be scary.

Awwww, he’s keeeee-ute! But then I think pugs are keeee-ute! :smiley:

I thought exactly the same thing!

He’s a little fellow. The one pic has him next to half a banana and it’s nearly as big as he is.

They eat cockroaches? Know where I can get one?

He looks sort of Sphinxish in that one, including the nose.

It’s a monkeycoon!

Wow, I saw and thought, “What? Its just a monkey, whats the big deal?”

I guess I’m harder to freak out.

I think it’s cute!

When I first saw that picture in the paper, I thought “Lordy, that is the world’s ugliest Persian kitten…”