That is one gigantic coon!

World’s fattest racoon dies.

Wow. That is one big raccoon.

I’m torn between the point-and-stare reaction and the “wow, that’s really sad” reaction. I think it’s the part where he couldn’t go on after his dog adoptive family died that got to me. :frowning:

I didn’t think raccoons could be tamed.

I wanna racoon now!

Sad but…he’d make one helluva great hat!

Now that Bandit is gone :frowning:

who is the new holder of the title Fattest Living Racoon?

I had two pet coons when I was growing up. The first was brought in when he was nearly half-grown, and never made a real good pet. He stayed pretty wild, had to be kept on a chain and would bite strangers. We released him back into the wild after a couple of months.

The second pet coon was found as a small baby, his eyes were barely open. He turned into a pet similar to a cat. He’d go in and outside, etc. They are annoying to the adults of the house, as they can use their hands to open things and get at food. They’ll tear up anything to get sweets. I think that one was about five years old when he got hit by a car.

I’ve seen a bunch of coons in my day, but never one as big as the one in the OP.

I’m amazed this isn’t an Onion spoof:

“He was a good customer.” :smiley:

Oh jeez, here we go with the tears. And I’m sitting at my desk at work. sniff

Yeah, but how do you housebreak one?

I’ve never actually seen a tame one, but I know they exist. The book Rascal, by Sterling North, was a supposedly true story about a boy with a pet raccoon They did have to release it after it got too old, however.