That look belongs to a singular artist? I never knew.

In another place on the internet where they were discussing Obama’s paperclip, someone said that all speeches should be kept in a Trapper Keeper with Lisa Frank artwork on the cover. Curious, I did an image search of Lisa Frank.

Oh my, there’s a name to go with that style of art? I never knew.

It was a long while ago when I found out those big-bellied, naked Love Is. . . drawings are the work of one deranged individual, although I do not remember the name.

The only other illustrator that I know the name of and had a very distinctive style would be Keith Haring.

I’m sure there are others. Can I get a few names to do a GIS with so that I can go-- oh yeah! I know that style!?

Edited to add: How could I forget? Alphonse Mucha.

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Thomas Kinkade.
Now I need a shower.

Here, have some lovely Margaret Keane. :eek:

Ohhh, the big-eyed lady. I wonder if there’s a sad clown lady.

He didn’t do it all, but I was surprised to find that a lot of that psychedelic pop art is from Peter Max.

Dang it, I have that same URL on my clipboard right now.


Thomas Kinkade looks like he grew up in Azeroth.

If Kinkade offers you a shower, for the love of god, say no.

Way ahead of you. :wink:

If you’re enough of a fan (or pedant), probably every major artist has a “look”. Certainly, the namesNorman Rockwell andMaxfield Parrish conjure up very specific images. As does Currier & Ives.

You may interested in the Lisa Frank Biopic.

I had to dig a little to come up with Patrick Nagel’s name, but if you were alive during the '80s, you know the look.

N.b.: Some of it’s NSFW. Think the Duran Duran album cover for Rio. And how often does that get a straight mention on the SDMB?

Frank Frazetta- although Boris Vallejocame along with a similar feel…

(Google search results for their images - basically the type of Conan Warrior and Hot Babe paintings you found in the 70’s on the sides of vans and on Molly Hatchet album covers…)

If you’re old enough to remember the old TV Guide magazine (do they still publish it?) you’ve seen many of Al Hirschfeld’s charicatures. I remember an older cousin telling me about the Nina gimmick and I’d pore over it with a magnifying glass whenever one of his drawings was on the cover.

Referring to Lisa Franks as an artist is an insult to actual artists.

Mary Englebreit

I only remembered her name because my wife has a little framed ME print hanging in our kitchen.

LeRoy Nieman. I’d say that his stuff is actually fairly good. Back in the 70s, he was all over the place, usually with sports art.