Was "Artist" Peter max a Real person?

I came upon one of this “artist’s” rather dubious works recently-it looks like what this guy produced was pretty formulaic. Anyway-was this guy “Peter Max” a real person? Or were the paintings produced by contacted (anonymous) artists-much like the “Hardy Boys” novels were written by a group of writers (under the pseudonym of Franlin W. Dixon)? Anyway, is this stuff worth anything today?

I have an original, signed Peter Max right here in my office next to me. It is even personalized to my father. The thing is I don’t know if it is just a signed poster or a lithograph or a serigraph or what. I emailed his online entity to ask. They said they could tell me for $200. :dubious:

Anywho, Peter Max is an individual artist. However his self portraits, which are all over his site, must be about 30 years old at this point, if not older.

Peter Max was indeed a real person. I’m not sure what you mean by formulaic, but Max had a distinct style that was copied by many others. AFAIK, he originated that style, which became a fad in the late 60s.

He’s real and he’s still painting. http://petermax.com/ It’s not great art as far as I’m concerned, but nostalgia-wise, it always puts me in a good place.

Peter Max had a show in Houston recently. Yes, he’s got a few years on him.

He also judged the Houston Chronicle’s Earth Day coloring contest.

Presented for your coloring pleasure!

Edited to add: This artist, popular in my pre-Peter Max early youth, did use “apprentices” to create much of his work. (He came to Houston one year to judge the Art Car Parade!)

Sometime last year, VH1 Classic had a charity drive for Hurricane Katrina. For $25, you’d get to pick a video to play. For a donation of $35,000, you’d get to select what played for a whole hour, and Peter Max would paint your portrait.

(apparently, the guy who donated the $35K chose to play “99 Luftballons” for an entire hour)

thanks for the info-max’s work was so childish, that i always it was the work of contracted artists-I always assumed “pter Max” was just a made-up name. Thomas Kincade has been getting a lot of flack here-he seems to be VASTLY more talented than Peter Max!

I’ve always considered Peter Max a very talented commercial artist. The older stuff makes me nostalgic for Old Times. And his skill level is hardly “childish.”

Thomas Kinkade makes me want to barf. His stuff is horribly overpriced for reproductions. And why is every window lit?

I’ve met Peter Max, so I can attest that he’s a real person.

Never heard of Thomas Kincade before, so I looked it up. Looks like stuff your grandma would have on her wall calendar. You think Peter Max stuff is formulaic, but you don’t think Thomas Kincade is? :confused:

The Yellow Submarine movie was animated in a “Peter Max” style. Is style is probably formulaic as so many emulated it the sixties and seventies. Many Sesame Street animations were also in the Peter Max style.

When I think Peter Max, I think Sixties. BTW: I like his stuff.

The name is made up to some degree. He was born Peter Finkelstein.



Saying that Peter Max’s work is formulaic is a bit like complaining that Shakespeare’s plays are full of clichés. Peter Max was immensely influential in the '60s, and his style seemed fresh and cutting-edge to many people then.

Exactly. Max invented that style, and it was heavily copied. Then, as people see how pervasive it became, they don’t understand the creativity involved in inventing it.

Artistic pioneers often look formulaic to those who don’t know they invented the formula. They also seem less polished. See Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics, Chapter 6, for a full discussion

cf. Jim Lee

Has anyone ever seen Peter Max and Thomas Kinkade at a party together?

I’m just sayin’…

There appears to be a bit of controversy about who “invented” the style. The art director for Yellow Submarine was Heinz Edelmann.

According to this site:

I always liked Peter Max but I’d had heard the rumor that he ripped off the style.

ralph124c, saying that you like Thomas Kinkade is not doing much for your art criticism credentials.

A Co-worker once brought a advertising brochure for something or other into the office. I looked at the painting on the front and said without thinking “Looks like a Peter Max.” On the back was “Front painting by Peter Max.” Her jaw just dropped.

You are never going to live this down. This statement will (rightfully) haunt you till your dying breath, and even beyond that. This statement will be the albatross around your neck, like Bush Sr.'s “Read my lips.”

Peter Max has some pretty nice Airline Liveries as well.