That old cartoon Hercules, what did he say after puttting on the ring?

Was that when he said “Olympi-aaaa”?

By the power of Greyskull… I haaave the poweeeeeeeeer!

I don’t remember.

I DO rememebr the most annoying cartoon sidekick ever : the satyr NEWT (“Herc Herc”).

And of course the theme song – i cheated and had to look the whole thing up up; But I recalled the first few verses even decades on … rereading it now it was a much more innocent time, no?

hero of song and story
winner of ancient glory
fighting for the right
fighting with his might
with the strength of ten
ordinary men
people are safe when near him
only the evil fear him
softness in his eyes
iron in his thighs
virtue in his heart
fire in every part
of the mighty

<spoof lyrics>
…reaching for the thighs
of the other guys
raise a mighty cheer
Hercules is queer…
</spoof lyrics>