That one story. . .With the Snow queen. Not Narnia.

There is a movie/fairy tale I remember I used to love as a kid, but I can’t remember it entirely. The heros are a brother and sister duo. Somehow they end up in a snowy land, hence the Snow queen who is the bad guy. The sister loses her memory because someone brushes her hair and with it she forgets her relation to her brother. Then she has a splinter of ice in her eye and when she cries, it melts the splinter and she remembers everything and loves her brother again.

So can anyone fill in any of the blanks for me? I remember it was a favorite story of mine, but for some reason, I’ve forgotten it. sigh

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.

My favorite character was the Little Robber Girl.


Thanks tisi. I found it here. If anyone’s interested.