That silly 'Drumpf' browser extension

Over the last week or so we’ve gotten a bunch of reports about altered text in quotes. As you fine people may know, text inside quote boxes is sacrosanct on the SDMB. Altering text inside quote boxes can earn warnings and could, conceivably, lead to suspension and even banning.

No one wants that.

Now with the recent spate of ‘Drumpf’ browser extensions changing instances of ‘Trump’ to ‘Drumpf’ - apparently his original family name - we have instances where such are appearing inside quote boxes. Essentially, if you have the extension and quote a post in which the word ‘Trump’ is changed to ‘Drumpf’ your new post will be changed as well. Not good.

For the last week we’ve tried to provide a bit of guidance instead of warnings. But no longer. The first warning for such was just handed out and going forward there may be more.

Options if you have installed the extension:

  1. Never quote anyone.
  2. Manually fix the information inside the quote boxes.
  3. Uninstall the extension.

Let’s all try to minimize this going forward, shall we? I’m going to sticky this for a while so that people can see it. Here’s hoping it’s a temporary thing.