That special sauce

I know a TON of stuff, from MANY different disciplines. I may not be able to RECALL all of it at any one point in time, but I’ve got a pile of string over in the corner, with labels, and I can get it back when I need to. It’s all cool, it’s all special, but none of it seems to coalesce into something bigger.

What gets me is: why can’t I come up with this neat stuff? What is it that makes a ‘croc’? What is it that makes a ‘Facebook’, a Rubik’s Cube?, where do you build on so many good ideas that you end up with an iPhone?

Perhaps I’m too risk averse. Perhaps I don’t self-promote…

I just wonder what happens that lets people go from making brownies for friends to freekin’ Mrs. Fields?

It’s kinda like looking at porn. You hit the 20 free videos on Monday…then there’s 20 NEW free videos on tuesday, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. At the end, you realize that was 100 people gettin’ it more than you.

Only for me, it’s not porn, it’s Make magazine, and it’s all the neat crap people are making that I’m not. (check it out: feed:// )