That spider in James and the Giant Peach

Is the spider near the beginning of the movie James and the Giant Peach, when he’s singing and drawing on the potato chip bag, real? If so, what kind of spider is it?

It’s real, but has a special lightweight attachment surrounding its abdomen. The same trick was used on the spider that bit Peter Parker in the first Spider-Man movie.

Thanks! Do you know what kind of spider it was? I imagine the markings were painted or artificially added on.

Here is a very poor quality image of it:

OK, is this thread a big joke, or something?

I was about ready to believe it wasn’t, and then I saw that image.

Could someone enlighten us?

No, it’s real. Have you ever seen the movie James and the Giant Peach? At the beginning there’s a spider walking around. I’m just wondering what kind of spider it is. Like I said, the markings on the spider aren’t real (at least I don’t think they are).

It looks like it could be a Meta menardi (European cave spider).

The image is terrible because I took a screen shot of an online version of the movie.

You can see the real spider in this clip, which is poorly recorded off a TV.

I think as the abdomen is encased in an artificial shell, it will be impossible to determine its species.

Really? I assumed that was CGI, because it doesn’t even look realistic.

The close up spider that bites was CGI. But some of the shots of it leading up to that, and the one we see crawl away on the floor, is real.

Though I’m going by my memory.