that stuff for pain

I tryed to search for post about this, I got too many reults that had stuff and pain in them, how do i define this to find this product as i am sure its been posted.
Thak you please.

Aspirin? Acetaminophen? Ibuprofin? Naproxin Sodium? Oxycodone? Hydrocodone? I suppose I could keep guessing forever, but what would be the point? You really need to give us some details to work with here, otherwise there are any number of things it could be.

Try a search of GQ alone for the word analgesic. I got 44 hits that way.

Head On! Apply directly to the forehead!


I hate your commercials, but your product is amazing!
If I hear any part of this mantra one more time, I’m going to break down sobbing. :mad: :slight_smile:

At camp, we just gave kids Dihydrogen Monoxide when they complained about an upset stomach or a head ache. More often than not, it worked. Is this the stuff for pain that you’re talking about? I should warn you, there have been studies done that suggest that it’s harmful in large quantities. There are even some more recent news articles about toxicity levels. I still think its great in the correct dosage though and it fits your description perfectly.

Sorry i didn’t know this product was unheard of. I used it on my knee after surgery, as i don’t like taking pills.

Ironically i found it at the local hardware store, and the proprietor had a sample bottle on the counter. I was in pain that day (day 2 post op) and now we have a bottle on hand. I gave it to my daughter to try on the 3 1/2 year old as he wakes up in the night with pain just like his siblings did with growing pains(we believe).

And what is your question?

and why does that website put “Pain” in quotes?

Wow, what a bad web site. I killed it after two seconds. Dunno how good the product is though.

My question WAS/IS;

I was trying to “DO” the right thing and search this NOT-SO-HUMBLE Board for threads/post relating to this product;
“The Stuff For Pain”

I was unable to define my search to find a group of words relating to the above named product.

What i found,

  1. Its not a very well known product.
  2. The web page is the most horse shit page i have ever viewed.

Therefore i have related my humble experience with this product.
It is a topical spray on product, and it comes from Canada.

Probably because the product doesn’t “work”.

I want to see them market a hemorrhoid medicine.

That would be funny.

They already do. Same company, Miralus.

Frighteningly, they have a prominent button promoting their dubious talents at web design.

What else is frightening is that their sole physical presence appears to be a pushcart at a shopping mall.

Or better yet-generic viagra!

The way to avoid 50 kajillion Google hits, which include everything that has even one the words in it, is to put the phrase in quotation marks (works great for song lyrics, too). Google on “that stuff for pain” and only a few sites come up. Unfortunately, one of them is the same guys who have the website mentioned, and the others seem to be ones where the phrase occurs naturally in a discussion, rather than referring to the particular product. Doesn’t seem to have much of a web presence.

“Holy Crapper”

i use quotation marks all the time, diddn’t know that was the way to do the searches. Wow,Thanks alot.


I can’t believe how bad I got whooshed on that in an older thread, and I’ve had four semesters of college chemistry. I can only blame loss of focus because I was reading from work.

Good grief! That website is painful to look at. Handy that they sell a product intended to relieve pain.