That was faster than expected(tax return accepted)

I keep a pretty good track of my stuff during the year, and can usually fill out my whole tax return without the official papers, but I wait for them anyway just because I’m a bit wussy about things with prison potential :).

I got the last form today, checked it against my already entered expectations, and everything looked good so I sent it off efile. I kind of expected that since today was the first day they were opening the gates at all, and a lot of people already had them in the pipeline, plus the shutdown complicating things a couple weeks ago things, plus a couple weird extra complications in my return this year, that the process would be a bit slower this year.

But 6 hours later, and I got the accepted email, yay. Maybe the refund will be super quick as well.

I don’t even know what this means, to have one’s tax return “accepted.” I’ve been sending them in for 45 years and have yet to get a rejection slip.

The IRS won’t even start looking at them until Jan. 29. (cite) Even so, it’s good to get them in early before someone else files your taxes and snatches your refund.

Do you ever file them electronically? If you do, you will get back an email telling you that it was received and presumably there weren’t any obvious errors.

Getting through the acceptance process on the first day that quickly, without it already being submitted earlier is one of the things that really surprised me.

If you file online you get an email from the feds and your state that it has been accepted. It is just an electronic review of the return, all boxes checked, etc. Later you receive an email stating the refund (if earned) is approved and a pay date.


Oh, OK I didn’t know that… thanks.

what’s wrong with filing on the 1st of January? Why arent they ready??

I efiled yesterday I think, I forgot a number, the software didnt say I was missing anything so this morning I got an email saying I had to fix it. Filed it again and an email shortly, it was accepted. Now to wait for the money

2nd year in a row we didnt have to pay :smiley:

W-2s aren’t due until the end of January. I got mine last week (in a horribly bad system, rant for another time). 1099-DIV and -INT and stock transactions don’t typically come out until mid February. So Jan 1 is not an option for most people.

One of my brokerage accounts won’t be sending out tax forms until mid February, so I’ve got a while before I can file.

My return was accepted about 15 minutes after I efiled Monday evening. says to expect my refund by this Friday.

I tried to file in TN and I got an email back saying a necessary form hasn’t been approved yet and that I can’t file till Feb. 8.

You got an approved already? lucky.