Why would a tax refund be delyed?

I received mine last week. Mrs. Cad didn’t receive hers today although hers was e-filed via Turbotax about 4 hours after mine at the beginning of February; and she even got her notification of acceptance from Intuit before I did . Nothing unusual except she took the deduction for the home mortgage - certainly none of the tax credits the IRS says will delay the tax refund. So why would hers be delayed this long? The “Find My Refund” still shows it as processing. When should we be concerned and contact the IRS.

I too am waiting, same deal (filed via turbotax in January, they said the filing was accepted on Feb 11, and their latest estimated date for getting the federal return was yesterday). I have a vague memory of hearing last year that there may be a political reason for this, a holdover from the Trump era?

Anyway, thus far this is the longest I’ve had to wait for my tax return. Noticeably a long time.

Didnt the GOP cut the IRS budget?

According to the IRS site, it is still being processed. I guess we will know for sure tomorrow… If no refund, when should she contact the IRS?

Yep: It is still delayed, and according to an article I read (too lazy to post it here), it’s thanks to the IRS being under-staffed and their focusing on the stimulus payments.

I actually got my stimulus payment a few days ago, but not the tax return.

Took 6 weeks but finally got an answer. Got the letter, “We don’t think you are really you.” Had to call to confirm her identity. Now will take up to 9 weeks to get the refund.