That zebra looks kinda funny...

“Hello… I wish to complain about this zebra what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.”

“Oh, yes, the Grevy’s zebra. What’s wrong with it?”

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. He’s dead, that’s what’s wrong with it!”

“No, he’s just… resting. Remarkable animal, the Grevy’s zebra is, isn’t it? Look at the beautiful black and white stripes.”

“The stripes don’t enter into it. It’s stone dead.”

“He’s just pining for the savanna.”

“Pining for the savanna? Look, the only reason it’s upright is because you nailed it to the stand!”

“Er… yes, on closer examination it does appear to be dead. How about this nice donkey?”

“I don’t want a donkey! I want a zebra!”

Well, you could take the donkey and paint stripes on it. Who will know?”

Hilarious introduction, but my god that’s depressing. The original zebras died of hunger? Yeesh.

The donkey looks to be in poor condition as well.

How am I supposed to get a job when my job is being taken by a donkey who pays no taxes and uses our schools and hospitals for free?
They probably have diseases too.

Donkeys have long provided the labor base for our strong and prosperous economy. If you must blame someone, blame the zookeepers, who have strong financial incentives to employ donkeys and often use exploitative measures that provide little mobility or opportunity for advancement. Furthermore, the donkeys are frequently treated with lead-based paint which causes a number of health concerns. This is a societal problem, man.

(I just knew you’d show up here.)

That’s only what the Democrats want you to think.

You don’t suppose there’s a conspiracy, do you?

I guess when they need something that looks like a cow they paint white and black spots on a horse. And I suppose when they need something that looks like a horse they just tape a bunch of cats together.

Looks like something that is catching on.

That so reminds me of one of the “Babar” books . . . where the elephants painted big eyes on their behinds, and scared off their enemies by facing away from them.

And am I the only person who is surprised that there even is a Gaza zoo?

Damn donkey scabs!