Zoo in Egypt paints donkey to look like a zebra


Ya know, painting a donkey can’t be easy. If you are going to go through that much work, you think they would do a little research first. Note the lines on the faces of the “zonkey” and the real zebras below.

Back in 1975, I was stationed in San Diego and my family came to visit. We went into Tijuana for a day, and one of the sights we saw was a donkey, painted like a zebra, hitched up to a cart. So, it’s been done… :smiley:

Yeah, I remember this same news story from about 4 or 5 years ago - I believe it was in Egypt then, as well.

You may be thinking of when someone tried this before in Gaza. However, they were upfront that it was a donkey, which means it wasn’t pathetic and comical.

The one you really have to feel sorry for is the guy in the tiger exhibit who had to paint stripes on the lion.

Hey, this zebra smells like ass!