That's a lot of truckin' pictures!

I just got an email with photos from Page 2 of this site. The site is seven pages of vintage truck pictures.

That’s pretty cool. Though don’t expect anyone to give a damn about it except the two of us and maybe three other people (probably the same ones who post in the gun threads.)

For me, a vintage semi tractor is from the 1970s or 1980s. Anything earlier than that, I am very unlikely to ever see. The thing you notice when you compare these trucks from several decades ago to the trucks now is that it seems as though all artistry has vanished from semi-tractor decoration. The '70s rigs are always covered in Boogie Nights-style flashy patterns in ridiculously bold colors, which I really love.

Well, tastes change. I’ve seen some gaudy trucks on the road, but mostly they’ve been more-or-less ‘businesslike’ in their paint schemes unless they’re promoting a product. ISTM that there are more lights on trucks now than there were 20 years go.

There’s an old truck somewhere between here and Seattle. I don’t know much about them, but it gives off a late-'50s/early-'60s vibe to me. It’s oxidized white and has been sitting in the bushes between the freeway and the building behind it for the six years I’ve been up here. In the past year or so, someone has attached a trailer to it; but the trailer, while old, seems to be of a later vintage. I remember seeing an older trailer in the trees, somewhere along the route.

Slight tangent: The truck from Duel was sold last month. I think there was an earlier thread on the truck from a couple of years ago, and I remember reading an article on it.

Has anyone seen Tuckerfan recently?

Great site. Just this year I’ve begun taking photos of trucks, more or less as historical documentation. Bonus if I can find vehicles from the '60s or '70s in service, which I have on occasion; anything older than that seems to be relegated to museums or antique vehicle collections.

Great link. We have a festival near here every summer involving 50s & 60s era OTR trucks & farm gear. If I come up witha link I’ll post it. Always good to go & see the stuff I grew up with. Funny how small a 1960s semi truck/trailer is compared to today.

TuckerFan’s profile says he was online last night. I havent’ seen a post by him in awhile. The search facility doesn’t really work to let you find posts by date, as best I can tell.

Word. I saw a nicely-restored Mack B61 tractor a couple months ago, and it seemed hardly larger than a current full-sized pickup.

Bit more than that, actually. :slight_smile:

Hank’s Truck Pictures was my son’s favorite website when he was three and just started using the computer. Then he moved on to the harder truck porn - videos of trucks in action on YouTube.

You have to be careful with those gateway trucks.