Old timey truck: What (approximate) vintage? (pic inside!)


Ford, early 1950’s, probably '51 or '52.

Maybe Studebaker early 50’s.


Yep, it’s a first generation F-series truck, probably a F-6 2-ton. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_F-Series_first_generation

They were very common farm trucks, and today a pretty common rusting field truck.

Thanks, all.

SeldomSeen & GreasyJack are right. It’s a 1951 Ford F Series.

Earl, (or anyone else) out of curiosity, do you know the location of that photo? Specifically, what kind of industry the truck is loading/unloading at? Looks like some kind of large wooden vats… Maybe a pickling works or tannery?

This is a better photo of the front grill, I think.

Ha, I guessed a 1952 Ford.

Somwhere in central South Carolina. I thought it might be a brickyard. Those look like kilns, and the chap on the left appears to be holding a brick, and those appear to be brick fragments on the ground beside the truck.

Thanks; that makes sense. Especially as SC is noted for brick making.

The 51 and 52 are very similar. If you look at the photo that Chefguy posted, you can see that the ornamental piece at the front of the grill has three holes, and there is a V8 badge just below it. That’s a 1951, and it appeared to me that the truck in the photo had that piece.

A 1952 has F-O-R-D lettering where the V8 badge is. The center hole in the hood piece is filled in, and on a V8, the badge would go there. My refer3ence material shows that toothed grille on only 1951 and 1952 trucks.

So should you ever be an eyewitness to someone hauling moonshine or stolen bricks, you’ll be able to give an accurate description to the police!