What car is this? Early 50s.

Anybody have an idea what car this may be, or what combination of car parts this may be?

Image here.

This is from a Facebook thread of a friend of mine who was in Cuba a few weeks ago. I’m leaning towards early 50s Bel Air, but it looks like there’s some differences there, and the car may have been franken-fied with car parts from wherever. Some commentators seem to think it may be a Buick of some sort, but I’m not seeing it. That said, this is not my area of expertise by a long shot, so I’m hoping some dopers can help out on piecing together what this thing is.

It looks like a 1952 or 1953 Chevy to me but I am by no means an expert

The front turn signals are '51 Chevy parts but the grill looks more '52 or '53 to me.

This '51 is a good match in everything but the teeth in the grill which I don’t think came until later. Note the split windshield and the metal grill on the turn signal. I don’t think either of those lasted past '51.

Yeah, the split windshield made us think 1951, too.

'52 grill

My Dad’s 55 Hudson had a split windshield.

Well, the '51 split windshield comment was assuming this is a Chevy, due to the body. The body doesn’t look like a Hudson.

IANA old car expert, but I do know Hudsons oddly enough. Nothing we can see is Hudson-shaped.

When I google image search 52 Chevy I see lots of split windshields.

It’s a 1952. Triangular turn signals plus grille teeth.

I guess my point was split windshields were still available in 1955. Dad’s Hudson had the antenna just above where the windshields met. There was a knob inside so you could tilt it toward the left or right. I can’t imagine how that could help reception.

Huh. I thought in 52 they went to the turn signals without the metal panel.