That's a rather large diamond!

Just sold at auction - the Lesotho Promise.

I just don’t get diamonds. Big clumps of fossilised glass aren’t they? Sure, they’re pretty and all, but I just don’t ‘get’ them. I would no more wear a diamond on my ring finger than bungee jump…and I can assure you I ain’t bungee jumping anytime in my lifetime!!

Aside…the woman who found the diamond…what did SHE get out of the deal??

That sale has been made just in time; synthetic diamonds become cheaper and cheaper.

I have a very modest diamond. The really big ones start looking like plain ol’ glass after a while. The smaller ones are twinkly. Especially under a high-powered microscope, which is the best place to view mine. :smiley:

Fossilised coal, actually. Glass is silica.

Yeah, but it* looks* like glass. How would yer’ average Joe know the difference between a clump of cut glass and a chunk of diamond? And why should it matter anyway?

I guess my point is that diamonds are not intrinsically valuable…they are only ascribed value because of their rarity and the $ that people are prepared to pay for owning them.

And yes, I do understand that all goods/services are only as ‘valuable’ as punters are prepared to pay, but I’d rather pay good money for a lovely meal or a terrific concert (however transient) than spend $ on a pebble.

Fuck…for that price, I could buy a whole island and start up my own diamond farm!!


Stick a cut diamond and a lump of cut glass next to each other, and it’s very easy to tell them apart, since one is much much sparklier than the other. Things like cubic zirconia and YAG are harder to tell apart from diamond, however.