That's it, bouv has got to go!

Drag him out of town by horses, kick him off the boat, Hell, shoot him in the face for all I care, but bouv has worn out his welcome for far too long and we have got to get rid of him!
In the meantime, we are holding interviews for his replacement. Current candidates include:

Mr.Snrub (Yes, that will do…)
Thrillhouse (sometimes also goes by Thrillho)
Captain Pantaloons

We are also taking applications from other…umm…applicants, so if you have any suggestions, they will be welcomed.

Alice O’Forethought, maybe?

I don’t care who it is, as long as it’s not Sir Blah.

The Chicken of Bristol, that perennial candidate, is still available, AFAIK.

Magnificent Bastard?

Diaper Dandy?

Vince Klortho? HillBilly Ocean? Monchichi Barbecue?

No suggestions but I for one am glad to see you changing your name. Now you can have anagrams (which I don’t have - hmm) and you can do fun things with your name!


(What is a bouv anyway?)

Silly me. It wasn’t until I read your post that I actually understood what we were talking about here…

And Now For Something Completely Different?

Captain Wanker

In a good way, of course. :wink:

Butlertron One - Underpants Variant

Buckaroo Banzai
The Horrendous Space Kablooie
Wapi Choo
Slippery Dick
Robot Chicken
Dorkus Malorkus
Miroslav Satan
Tsar Bomba
Rat Pfink a Boo Boo
Christian Cannabich
Hopkin Green Frog
Giant-Size Man-Thing

Or why not simply:

Throatwarbler Mangrove (I think that one is still available).

I always thought Electronic Chaos had a nice ring to it.

Hmm…it seems that one’s taken.

The Man of Spiel

We already have a Thrillhouse15, so as much as I’ve always wanted to see a Thrillho on this board, it’s probably a bad idea.

If you want to keep it Simpsons-related… Rory Calhoun?

Or howzabout Perfectly Cromulent?

The Poster Formerly Known as bouv?
The Incredible Thread Stealer? (this one has a secret)
Wonked-up Wally?

Seth Bifteck
Crete Bonestructure
Freep Flatulent
Bing Arsebagel
Bibliothèque a la Carte
Charmin Squeezer

Colonel Sir Wallace Cholmondoley Waghorn III
Captain Scarlet
Fred the Wonder Beagle
Man of Mysterious Means
Brave Little Toaster
Gregorian Chant
Pamela Anderson Lee
Judge Death
Secret Squirrel
Innocent Millicent
Sgt Rock
Corben Dallas
Billy the Bus