That's Mrs. UncleBill to you.

So we went to Key West this weekend and had the Best. Wedding. Ever.

The ceremony was performed at the West Martello in Key West, which is a lovely, lovely spot, and we were joined by manhattan, canby, vix, SuaSponte, thinksnow and his not-yet-a-Doper GF, along with assorted family and RL friends. The reception afterward was a sunset cruise, which was really quite nice, if I do say so myself. Everyone said they enjoyed it, anyway.

We got an unexpected bonus day in Key West due to some car trouble, and now we’re back home relaxing.

I’ve been practicing a few new phrases:
This is my husband, Bill.
Where has that husband of mine got to?
I’d like you to meet my husband.
I’m very pleased with my new husband.

I prefer thinking of it as Mr. Geobabe. :smiley:

Congrats, you two!

((((Geobabe & UncleBill))))


I’m all happy and mooshy inside for you guys now! Congratulations!


YAY! Congratulations, guys! :slight_smile:

Yay! Whoopee!! 'Grats!!!

:: fireworks ::

Congratulations to both of you. This is dopers marrying each other is becoming a tradition and a good one at that ! Did Unca Cecil send y’all a gift ?

{{{GeoBill and UncleBabe}}}


Shouldn’t you be AuntGeobabe? :wink:

Awwwwww, newlyweds are so adorable!

Some other phrases:

  • my main squeeze
  • my stud muffin
  • Hey! Turn those lights off! Our electric bill is thru the roof!!!
  • What were you thinking?!??

Oh, sorry, I got carried away there!

Best to both of you - you’re such an adorable couple!!

Congrats to both of you!!

::throws rice::

I think the moniker modifications may come a little later.

[sub]DaddyBill, GeoMom[/sub]

That’s what Mr. Geobabe said!:smiley: (bada-bing!)

Congrats on your new life together…

Dopers reproducing…




w00t, which is, of course, high praise from me. :smiley:

Glad y’all had an outstanding time, outstanding weather, and all of that good outstanding stuff.

Oh yeah, and congratulations. :smiley:

Is there a “how-we-two-dopers-met” story that you’d be willing to share? (Or that is recounted elsewhere?) Mr. Nosy is just wondering how these things happen. (Not that I’m shopping around…)

Hurrah! Congrats!


So when are you trading him in for the new 2003 model?


::MsRobyn beats happyheathen with a frozen mackerel::

I hope y’all have kids soon. Aaron needs a playmate. :slight_smile:

[sub]So why are y’all even posting? ;)[/sub]

Congrats, y’all!