That's Mrs. UncleBill to you.

Congratulations, you guys! See you in NYC in January! :slight_smile:

Well, haardvark, the short story is we met at ChiDope, started emailing, then he invited me for a weekend in Key West, and we hit it off marvelously. This is why I recommend Dopefests to everyone: you never do know what will happen.

Never, I hope.


::does the happy marriage dance::

Congrats… now time’s a wastin’, get busy and go make some little Dopers.

If manhattan hadn’t been there would the Straight Dope have acknowledged the wedding?

Second generation dopers, could there be a better tool for fighting ignorance?

Congratulations Geobabe and UncleBill, sorry for the above blather. :slight_smile:

Many congratulations to you both. I am so sorry that we could not be there to share the day with you.

Congratulations, Lise and Bill. I’m so happy for you two!

congrats, geobabe, unclebill :slight_smile:

We all look forward to the little Geobills too :wink:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Yeah for you! I knew it would work out, I just knew it.

[sub]I hope this doesn’t mean that Geobabe won’t be on the bar at Red Rock East this year in NYC[/sub]

throws rosepetals

Congratulations! I know UncleBill’s a great guy from having met him in LA, and from what I’ve read here, Geobabe’s a lovely gal as well. I’m sure you’ll have a great life together, good luck! :slight_smile:

Many happy returns and many wonderful years together!!

So lemme get this straight…

This means you’re not gonna dump the big lug and run off with me?

:frowning: sigh :frowning:

Oh well.
Congratulations, you two. I wish you a lifetime of shared happiness.

Congratulations to two of the perfectest people for one another in the whole world.

I hope we can make it to NYC Dope, to congratulate you two in person.

Congrats you two!

may you live happily ever after
and joyfully fight ignorance together!

No, Dave, I like wimmin. You are going to have to accept that now.

Bartops will not be left vacant by the nuptials, no worries there.

I agree with Lucretia: there will many congratulatory hugs to go around in January. Very happy for the both of you; yer some great folks.

Congratulations, Geobabe and UncleBill!

Even though he’s the whitest white man ever, I love to call my man “Sexual Chocolate.” And he loves it when I call him at work and ask for him that way. Please feel free to use it with Unc. :slight_smile: