That's not my preferred way to start the day

Driving to work this morning, nice sunny day, enjoying the music, no traffic, making great time, thinking I might make a personal best (it takees 65 minutes with normal traffic, I’ve done it in 55, was looking at 50)… when, boom, got rearended.

By a big ol’ construction vehicle.

A vehicle significantly larger than El Kiario.

That was being driven by a kid who didn’t even have his full adult license yet.


I’m fine, but what a pain in the ass (sic).

Awww, twicks what a sucky way to start a day. Make sure you are ok, cause sometimes you can start to feel it several hours after being rearended. That looks a whole lot dirtier than it really is. :smiley:

Twickster, you just need to take the time to stop and smell the flowers. On that driver’s GRAVE!

Sorry to hear your news - glad you are OK though.

Sorry, Twicks! That bastard.

But what is your favorite way to start the day? And do you need help with it?

Don’t toy with me, Shibb! sob

So. You gonna own a construction company any time soon?

No shit!

Mmm, fun with toys.