the 100 most ridiculous TV lists.

So, I’ve always found these TV list programs rather laughable ever since VH1 pioneered the format with “the 50 Greatest Singers Whose Names Rhyme With Maretha Franklin” back in the 90s. But it’s gotten worse. Much worse.

I was flipping through the numerous TV channels tonight, and I landed on the once-laudable TLC. My helpful little cable doohickey thing gave me the incomplete program title: “99/Most Bizarre”. Ah, a list show!, I thought, in italics. It must be something mindless but entertaining, like 99 Most Bizarre Insects or 99 Most Bizarre Japanese Gameshows. Surely the topic is something with a lot of material. Unfortunately, it could not be. When the show finally returned from commercial, I was confronted with the full title of the program in all its glory:

The 99 Most Bizarre Sleepwalking Misadventures.

I shit you not.

I was agog.

It will be a beautiful day when someone actually produces and airs “The 100 most ridiculous TV lists,” and includes itself at number one.