The 2016 is almost over MMP

2016 has been a rough year in a lot of ways. I won’t revisit them all now. I thought it might be nice to look ahead. Soon this year will be behind us; dust in the rear view mirror.

What are you looking forward to for 2017? Any trips planned, graduations, births retirements, or other fun things on the radar?

For myself, I’m hoping that my new neurologist can help with my medical issues. I’m looking forward to gardening in a climate with seasons, and rain: the roses I can grow here are amazing. I may finally get back to writing again, if I can, which would be fun.

On other notes, I finally made it to Hawai’i about 8 hours late. No worries - I’m always glad when they catch these mechanical issues before the aircraft stops working as intended. :smiley:

Have a better week everyone!

First! Woot!

Bah! Missed the edit window.

Glad you made it to Hawai’i in one piece, we visited there twice (Oahu, Maui and the Big Island) but haven’t yet found an excuse (or the time) to go back again.

I’ll be happy to see the back of 2016 as well. Fortunately 2017 is full of exciting plans for more trips so we have plenty to look forward to.

We’ll be starting 2017 in New Zealand as we’re off there for Hexmas and will be returning to the UK on new year’s day (via Sydney, Doha and Frankfurt). I have a birthday weekend and three music festivals lined up for February and March. At easter we’re heading back to the US to do a bit of a road trip between Denver and Phoenix (fly into one airport and out of the other, squeezing in a bunch of national parks along the way).

Later in the year we’re doing a 10-day trip starting in Boston and finishing in Washington DC so there will be a threat in IMHO later about what to do, where to stop off and what to see (all ideas welcome!).

Finally, we have two public holidays that fall on Mondays so we’re making them into long weekends. For one, we’ll be in Antwerp and Brussels, and for the other we’re working on a plan to visit Helsinki and Tallinn. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Happy Moanday, everyone!

There’s some business issues I hope get straightened out next year, but nothing one could consider fun. I guess I should start planning something.:smack:

Just remember come 2017, Donald Trump takes oath as President of the US.

Hello everybody. rosie’s passing has brought me back to the fold. 2016 has been a sh*tty year for me. I went from jobless to working to jobless again, had a hysterectomy, got diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer, moved my family halfway round the world for treatment, and I think my marriage is dead (but I haven’t told my husband yet).

I’m ready for this year to be over. 2017 has to be brighter. I’m hoping for health, wealth, love and happiness, not necessarily in that order.

Rest in peace rosie - you’re in good company up there with David Bowie and Prince and Florence Henderson and all the other noteworthies. You will be sorely missed, my sweet friend!

2017 will mean the retail Christmas season will be over till July.:smack:
Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. Off to work in the rain.
Welcome back, Dotty. and extra {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}

[on topic hijack]There is an FAA certification for twin engine passenger plane flying over oceans called ETOPS. Pilots claim it stand for “Engines Turn, Or Passengers Swim”[/on topic hijack]. enjoy the flight back.

There’s still time for The Giant Meteor.:slight_smile:

{{{Dotty}}} - welcome back to our playground. May it be a little bright spot in your less than stellar year!

Yay, **Sunny **- glad you made it safely!

So far, we have nothing planned for 2017. We had a cruise planned, but canceled it when we discovered how much cheaper it would be if we waited till the last minute to book it. It’ll be a bit of a crap shoot, but maybe we can make it happen.

Frankly, I’m hoping we can go a year without my poor sweetie needing any more surgeries. Three in one year was way too much for anyone, as far as I’m concerned. And beyond that, I’m hoping for a boring year.

Meanwhile, I have a pile of work on my desk - yay! There was a note with some cryptic lists and it took a minute for me to realize it was in my handwriting and I’d made the note on Firday… :smack: So Happy Moanday!

Just went through another rough patch with my housemate, who is getting more difficult to deal with. I think I will probably move out soon. Not the best time of year to do that, though. Or then again, maybe it is.

In 2017 I’m looking forward to completing my Graphic Design course and then either getting a job, or, less likely, continuing into the Advanced course.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 51 Amurrkin out and foggy with a predicted high of 67 and rain for the day, tonight, and tomorrow. I know we got a lot of rain last night as it was really heavy at times. I am in wait and watch mode right now. Mom is bein’ admitted to the horsepistol in Ye Olde Home Towne for observation. She woke up havin’ trouble breathin’ and went to the ER via ambulance. At first they were goin’ to give her some medication and dismiss her but then the doctor decided she needed to be admitted. I’m told she became very agitated and confused about why she was there and how she got there and all that good stuff. I told sis and my niece I can come up anytime but for now they say don’t until we know more. Guess that makes sense. Mom is about to be eighty eight years old so I guess this is the kind of stuff we can expect. :frowning:

Sunny glad you made it to Hawai’i!

{{{Dotty}}} welcome back. Just know we’re all here for you.

As for 2016 the sooner it goes away the better although I did have one big bright spot in gettin’ to retire. I am considerin’ maybe findin’ some kind of part-time irk in 2017 just to be doin’ sump’n and some extra $$$ can’t hurt, right?

OK, I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. I also need to purtify and may go ahead and get some stuff ready to take just in case I need to head on up to the homeplace.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

**swampy **- I’m also at the point of elderly parent/parents-in-law being in their 80s with the associated worries. My mom is pretty good overall, but my in-laws have declined pretty rapidly in the last couple of years, both physically and mentally. It’s especially difficult because they’re 800 miles away and the 2 sons who live closest to them really aren’t much help. At least with my mom, all my sibs are in the same metro area and I’m just 2 hours down the road. But still, at that age, even little things can be worrisome. Healthy thoughts to your mom!

Part time work, huh? :wink: I made a full year of retirement before starting to look… just sayin’…

Jesus. I’ve been mostly away from the internet since Saturday morning, and just found out about Rosie when I logged on today. 2016 can go suck everything.

Yeah, like swampy 2016 will be remembered as the year I retired more than any other reason (depending what Trump does in the next 4 years). 2017 has a Cruise and follow-on bus tour of the Baltics…Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Oslo…). That’ll be in June-July, only other projects on the schedule is looking for a new car (time indeterminate) and getting new windows for the house (Springtime).

Dotty, nice the meet you, and I do hope that 2017 is an improvement.

Sunny, glad you made it. Having spent much time in airports waiting for ‘mechanical difficulties’, you are right, much better to fly on a plane that works.

Boo Fairy, sound like lots of frequent flyer miles are in your future. Enjoy your travels!

Batboy, roommates are always problematic; look around at your options and what you can afford, or maybe there is a more compatible roomie somewhere in your social group. Best wishes.

I’m going to give 2016 one of thesefor Christmas. And then I’m going to follow John Oliver’s example. (Caution: Video. Contains Language.)

I haven’t planned far enough for 2017 other than a plan to revise and send out my resume. My plans for today are to find out what’s up with Polly Subaru. I have an oil leak, a check engine light, and on Saturday as I was going in to work I ran over a big rock on the interstate. :smack: It can only go up from here, right?

My best wishes, Swampy.

No year can top 2013/early 2014 as my worst year ever. 2016 was a pretty good year for me. Got my kitteh Ursala and my pony Ariel and made new friends. 2017 will bring a vacay with my travel partner in crime Patti. We are spending a week in Dublin and a week in Edinburgh.

White light and healing thoughts sent to swampy and his mama.

Blurf 2016 has been a terrible year thus far. 2017 can only get better we hope.

Swampy Good thoughts going out for Mama.

Just realized that Rosie passed on the anniversary of my Mom’s passing. Yesterday was the 12 year anniversary of my hubby’s twin brother passing.

Praying for Mama Swampy
Yep. 2016 can go away… Car trouble, the death of my mother, loosing my job, ** PB **'s heart surgery, now Rosie passing… Etc etc etc. All I am hoping for 2017 is boring boring boring. Plus maybe a new job would be nice. Here’s to burning the calandars!

{{swampy & mom}}

I did not get my car looked at, but I got everything else done I went out to do. It was a bunch of minuscule stuff I’ve been putting off so I consider that my victory against procrastination for the day. :cool:

Howdy Y’all and thanks for all the good wishes etc about mom. She’s in the horsepistol for “observation” to make sure the small amount of fluid found in her lungs does not develop into pneumonia. I’m glad for that. For now, there is no need for me to rush up there as my sis and two older brothers are there. I’m thinkin’ I’ll go for a few days once she gets back home or if I’m needed while she’s still in the horsepistol. Ham ‘n N.O.T. soup has been made and a pot of chili is simmerin’ away on the stove. The soup will be tonight’s dindin and the chili possibly for tomorrow with some of it goin’ in da freezer for later use.