The 2016 is almost over MMP

I’m glad you made it to Hawaii, sunny!


Moooom, your potato soup sounds like the base one that my mom made. She just dropped some rivels in it (ruble knows what these are) to complete the starch overload. :stuck_out_tongue:

2016 started out on 01 January with a death in the family. Along the way, there was a back injury, a household move, a FUBAR election and now rosie passing. I hope that 2017 is better, although I’m looking at possible back surgery, so it may have a hiccup.

Energy and motivation are both sorely lacking this afternoon. I just have one report left to finish, but I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open.

Got bingo tonight, though I’m not calling this week.

My long, tedious task wrapped up just after lunch. Then I got an easy-peasy task to create a model and drawing of a circuit breaker box that our EEs built. The hardest part was getting the part number from the engineer. So, yeah, easy-peasy.

Now, to remember to stop at the post office and CVS on the way home…

Happy Moonday!

I can’t believe it’s getting dark already :frowning:

I had a busy morning.

[[{{[Swampy and mom}}}

Baker - can you post the recipe? I’m lactose intolerant but the kid would probably like home made ice cream.

I feel like I need a nap.

Holy crap on a big, stale cracker!! I mailed off afghans to my nephew in North Dakota and his daughter in Calgary. Postage for hers was $38, and for his, $15!!! And those were the cheapest rates! eeeeeesh!! I don’t think the yard cost that much!

Supper will be grilled cheese. Because. Tahred.

Yeah, I mailed some stuff today, and it was pretty pricey.

2016 has indeed been full of suckage!

I hope your Mama will be okay Swampy. Mamas are important. Mine died 3 years ago and I miss her a lot.

What have I been doing since I was here last, you ask?

Oh, you didn’t. Well I’m gonna tell you anyway.

You remember I had that heart attack? Well, it left scar tissue on the left ventricle of my heart, which resulted in a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure. It got better for a while, my ejection fraction was up to 35%. (normal is ~55%) but then it got much worse (10%) and I thought I was gonna die.
But then the doctors said I should have a fancy pacemaker-like gadget called a CRT-D put in my chest which makes the electrical impulses bypass the scar tissue so that my heart beats properly. They put it in in Sept of 2015. And now I’m much better again.
EF of about 45%.

Also, my brother died about this time last year, so I’m sad about that.
And I’m sad about Rosie, especially since I think she unfriended me a couple of weeks ago 'cause I got angry at a mutual friend on facebook. I’ve been a little cranky lately, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

So yeah, let’s hope 2017 will be better. I’m not gonna say it couldn’t get worse, 'cause it might take that as a challenge.

Gonna watch Finding Dory onna DVD tonight. That should help.

We had a three hour power outage. No big thunder boomers just a lot of rain. Mom is a lot better tonight and if she continues to improve will go home tomorrow. Thanks again for all the good thoughts etc.

{{{Bumba}}} LTNS! Glad the heart thing is better. Also, sorry about your brother. I lost a brother in 2002. Really, really tough to lose a sib.

Six separate times I had a planned hotel stay cxl’d this year. Two on the day-of & another two with in a few days. Mebbe I’ll actually be able to go somewhere next year.

One of those

being able to run, ride, climb, & really hike again! Informal conversation with a lawyer buddy has me decided to get a nice new, top-of-the-line prosumer drone with the accident proceeds with features that I don’t currently have.


Then you won’t need to wait long until the season starts in mid-August! :smack:

Funny, I usually go to the train station for “observation”. :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad she’s doing better.

Seems a sensible position.

I’m in on the calendar bonfire. Are we going to agree on one specific “regardless of time zone” time for it or have a rolling event?

I’m not actually looking forward to 2017 very much.

Da Jumgle is going to this strange system of throwing every shift/day/slot all on the web and letting people make their own schedules up first come first serve. In short I will not know one week to the next when I’m working and if I’m slow hitting the web when the new week gets posted I could end up with 5am one day and 10pm the next. This is not a way I can function and if it works like its been explained I will probably burn through my UPT and get fired or just resign once the writings on the wall. I HATE this because I really love the place, the work, the people and everything else. But HR is just going that one step over the line.

That and long-term projections are that me and the OW will meet our deductible again so I may actually need-need to work.

We’ll handle it and all and have fun as we usually do but ----------- not a lot of anticipation happening here.
OK – Santarchy is set for Dec 2 2017 and I’m thinking either cross-dressing Santa or doing a Mrs Claus. But other than that not much.

Same wishes here!!!

Hawaii – way back ages ago when I still had my sporting goods operation I used to do business with Hasagawa’s General Store on Hana. Enough to still remember Hana no ka oi!
And lots of hugs for Swampy and Mom.

So my parttime cashier flaked out over the weekend. Today, my newer shift texted that she was in the hospital.:eek: So I worked all day by myself. And I had a crazy old lady that bout $80 worth of clearance stuff. But she took 5 minutes per item to whine and ask what each thing was. So it took an hour.:smack:[sup][sup]10[/sup][/sup]

if I ever win the lottery, I’ll join you.:smiley:

welcome back, Bumba! Glad the heart is better. Sorry about your brother.:frowning:

{{{{swampy and swampmom}}}}

I like the idea of a wave of bonfires rolling across the globe. :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome back.

{{{{swampy and mamabear}}}

Too many people getting sick - not good! :frowning:

Chemo yesterday went well - 5 down, 4 to go.

We went to the Surf Club today for lunch. I had salt and pepper calamari and it was Teh Nom! Then I put $20 in one of the slot machines, and won a $430 jackpot! Much better day!

Drinks on Dotty!!! When I was in the Navy, deployed to Rota, Spain, my sweetie flew over to spend a week with me and one evening, we each got a roll of nickels and played the nickel slots at the officers club. We quit when we ran out of nickels, but we had several hours of entertainment for a couple of bucks each. After that, I never had any desire to play slots.

Much rain, some heavy, is forecast for the day. Hope it washes the bird poop off the car. :smiley:

**kopek **- I’m willing to bet that make-your-own-schedule doesn’t last long. That’s easily one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard!!

And onward into the day. Happy Tuesday!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 63 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 73, rain this mornin’ and then partly N.O.S. this afternoon. TWPTB say we’ll have below freezin’ temps Firday. We shall see. It has rained almost six inches since Sunday night. We need the rain but it has led to some road closures in low lyin’ areas. Today I shall defilthyfy the bathrooms and kitchen and that’s the big plan.

Dotty congrats on the ill-gotten gains! :smiley: Like MOOOOOOM I’m not much on gamblin’. Sometimes I think I’ll buy a mega millions or power ball lottery ticket when the amount gets way big but I usually forget to do so.

OK, I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I should commence defilthyfication and at some point purtify up a bit. A trip to the liberry may be in store today as well.

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Happy Toosday!

It’s still dark outside so I have no idea what the day will be.
I can’t see the weather on my phone because it’s giving me some bullshit message about my location, probably because I disabled some damn google play app that kept coming on and playing some shit music I don’t want to listen to.

I have to all the bank later today because I put in a request to have money transferred and the transfer didn’t happen. It’s like it’s gone poof and this is not the first time it’s happened.

All I can say about this morning is I am not amused.

Oh okay location is working again. It’s going to be N.O.S. today with a high of 39.
I know y’all couldn’t live without that information.

I still need to call the bank.

I think today is going to be a grumpy day.

(((((Swampy and MamaBear))))) - I have an elderly parent too, she is a constant worry especially as she keeps going out and doing stuff that 82-year olds perhaps shouldn’t be doing.

Spidey, I’m happy to meet up with anyone who’s interested when we’re over there. I’ll be putting something on IMHO after we get back from NZ because we haven’t got much of a plan for that trip apart from having the flights booked. It’s all good fun!

I am at irk, I have the gym tonight and session 3 with my personal trainer. She’s sent me a food plan and now I have questions. Let’s hope she has answers!

Wow! Sunup is late by you. Official sunrise was about an hour ago here, with the various twilights a while before that.
I’m not sure what weather app you’re using but all of the ones I use allow you to manually enter a location/zip code to see a specific area that you are interested in, not necessarily where you are right now.

Swampy, saw this on freecycle, & well, ummm, you know how some people roll their own cigarettes… :wink:

[del]Hookers[/del] Gigolos & blow???