The 2018 Thanksgiving prep thread

. . .or do we need one? I saw this thread and thought perhaps others might have questions.

We have guests this year (6 people in all), so I’m doing two smaller birds instead of turkeyzilla this year, per Kenji Lopez-Alt’s suggestion. So two 12-pound fresh free-range Mary’s turkeys. I’m roasting one on Wednesday, taking all the meat off for reheating, and making stock out of the carcass for the stuffing and gravy. Stock will be made with all those lovely umami bombs like gelatin, a bit of fish sauce and some MSG. I’ll also make the mashed potatoes a day early, per Kenji’s recipe, using Yukon Gold spuds instead of russets. I’ll roast the second bird on T-day.

Your user name is apt!

I’m not hosting this year (we rotate between myself and my two sisters-in-law) but I’m bringing molasses cookies and also brown buns, made with oatmeal. My new DIL (Ivyboy got married in May) is bringing apple cider sangria and I’m looking forward to sampling that!