The 40 worst Rob Liefeld drawings - PART 2!

I found the first list hilarious, so I was pleased to see another edition.

You may want to warm up with some Kirbycise before you dig in.

I better not read that at work; the previous article made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

That is pretty funny, but what’s even funnier is the idea that somebody cares that much. :slight_smile:

It’s okay… this is a lackluster pt. 2 and actually just makes the writer look nitpicky.

The modern Liefeld stuff isn’t bad. The writer can’t even squeeze out more than a single laugh posting two pages of 2011 Hawk and Dove. (“Which means that Hawk is essentially holding him like a pencil.” is the one funny line)

Balls. He’s been doing this professionally for how many years now? Yet he still can’t draw a goddamned foot correctly.

And what is wrong with the feet in any of the Hawk and Dove panels?

I loved the first part; I’ll have to bookmark the second. While standing behind a rock or a cloud or something.

Where they’re not hidden, they’re either partially obscured or placed at some inhuman angle.

I’m far from an expert on comic art, but wow, that is phenomenally bad. Did he learn how to draw one face & body shape and decide that was enough? Honestly, he makes the entire comic-verse look inbred.

Perspective’s still shot to hell, too.

Cover the top half of Dove in the panel where she’s with Deadman. Describe her pose, and figure out where she’s standing based on what you see.

Now cover the bottom half, and repeat.

That’s comics.

Here’s a page from an upcoming issue of Uncanny X-men with art by Daniel Acuna–
Obscured feet (seriously Namor only has ONE foot in two of those panels.) etc…

On the next page…

Namor and Colossus don’t even have mouths!

It’s fun to point out the ridiculous stuff Liefeld has drawn (the Badrock and eye-patch chick picture is hilariously awful) but there’s also this weird idea that he hasn’t progressed. He has a distinct style which grates on a lot of people, but most of the complaints boil down to “I just don’t like it!” rather than actual flaws in the technique he’s using.

Distinct style?! Every woman he draws has a broken spine.

He’s the Poochie of comic book artists.

Yet he’s but one of many that keep always supplied with topics to discuss.

I suppose any pretense of realism has been abandoned, and bizarrely-caricatured musculoskeletal construction has become the accepted “signature style” in comics… it’s no longer expected for the comic hero(ine) to look just like a preposterously ripped/stacked human, now s/he may be put together like entirely another vertebrate order.

Still can’t draw feet.

And this is his art in 2012.

Which includes most of the classic Liefeld elements:

-crotch bulge
-bicep straps that serve no discernible purpose
-firearms that don’t look like they could actually work, even as fantasy weapons (that gun in his right hand, including the clip, appears to be one solid chunk of steel)
-superfluous weapons strapped to the back
-wavy 90s hair on top, no hair on the sides
-grotesque/impossible arm dimensions
-standing/moving in a way that real people do not

In fact, Grifter’s right arm alone represents everything that’s wrong with Liefeld. Look at that thing! Does his elbow have a massive case of bursitis, or does he just have two forearm segments?

A relevant Super Stupor webcomic.

The perspective on that right arm is waaaaaaay out of whack. And I get the impression if Grifter stood up, his legs would be in no way proportionate to his body. Stumpy legs?

A more recent Grifter.

What is going on with the girl’s hips?
Is that supposed to be the left foot at the end of the knee of the huge guy in the back?
I believe that’s the pouch of the big guy that’s at the end of Grifter’s right knee, but if it was supposed to be a foot, it wouldn’t surprise me.
Can someone explain the physical requirements needed for the big guy to rest his gun on his right arm like that, while having the elbow jut out in that manner?
And considering his hands are supposed to be in the foreground, why are they ridiculously smaller than his head?

I’m thinking that PVC pipe weapon is being cradled in the pit of his elbow like a baguette.

And judging by the pose, I can only assume that Grifter is shooting at the shortstop as he slides head-first into second base.