The 50 cutest things that ever happened

Found this today. Aww… Spoiler alert: Many of these involve kittens/cats.

Loved it!

Those stuffed animals make to look like the kids pictures are awesome.

That was an excellent bit of internet diversion, that was!

The little girl in Shanghai made me Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there so loud my own cats had to come see what was up!

I know, I wish I would have thought of that. It could be the next Beanie Baby craze.


Oh, that’s cute. That’s cute too. Even cuter…

BABY OCELOT! <loses all coherence and collapses in a puddle of AAAWWWWWW>


Er…I have kind of a thing for baby ocelots…

I’ve made stuffed toys from my kids’ drawings. they are super cute. Kids come up with the best stuff. :slight_smile:

Loved the list. My favorite will always be the bored flower girl. She makes me giggle every time I see that picture.

When I saw this one I thought to myself . . .

Can you still hear the lambs, Clarice? . . .

Okay, I loved that. I laughed out loud at the existential cat. And then at the baby elephant. And the prancing sheep. And the basset hounds. And… oh, who am I kidding? I’m in love with like half the list.

Cute Overload

I introduced some of my coworkers to Cute Overload a few weeks ago as a test site. It’s great for consuming a whole month’s worth of bandwidth in a matter of minutes, and it kept them entertained while they were testing.

Loved the pics thanks!

But really?

The bestest was the somber Victorian photoshoot that didn’t.