The absolute answer to our Nations difficulty...

The absolute answer…and the following, must be done by national decree and not by a few individuals as it is being done now.

We have all of the spiritual, philosophical, technological and practical abilities to come to a place of perfection. When we believe and then act out that belief, it is called faith — we are to go into the world and give them the abilities we have been given. We are to freely teach other nations and cultures how to do the things we have already learned — the learned abilities that have given us the wonderful way of life we now possess.

Moreover, in essence, the process will be the downfall of Babylon. Because of the growth other nations with make from our freely giving to them, our Nation will fall from what we are now, by our growth from the state we are in now, to a new and higher way of life — Babylon will be replaced by a greater entity. The “what about me” attitude that we in the US and other modern/western cultural nations have now, will be replaced by all of the differing cultural aspects inculcated into our spirit, and then our acts of faith, when we freely help other nations engage in our growing form of life on this planet, will cause others to have the life we have been given.

This is simple, and, an absolute way for all of mankind to reach a place of perfection.

I am not the author of this truth — we must, and are now required, to partake of the “Tree of Life” and live.

So many words, and yet so little said.


I’m in, I’ve wanted to become a Protector since the first time i read about them!

CMC fnord!

Yeah. And if they reject these efforts, we shoot them in the face. Then maybe the next group will recognise our beneficence.

It’s all about the love we feel for them, man.

It’s almost like, our duty, our destiny, if you will.

I don’t often see such a clear example of how rarity is completely uncorrelated with value, considering the OP’s 0.02 posts per day rate.

What’s the debate, whether or not you should smoke another one?

Post #5 was sarcasm, for the record.

I noticed a contradiction, I think:

We must go out and teach the “lessons” we have learned that brought “the wonderful way of life we now possess”.

Then in the next paragraph, it is mentioned that “the west” is mired in the “what about me attitude”.

So what is it we are supposed to be teaching, then?

Or did I make a mistake in assuming that the OP was talking about “the West” doing the teaching? (OP has no location in profile…)

This is the first time I’ve ever been afraid to ask the OP to clarify.

Huh? Everyone has spiritual, philosophical, technological and practical abilities? Please, explain this.

Huh? Again. Same abilities?

You’re a little late for that.

Nah, personally I prefer the presence of sex organs and the lack of genocidal compulsions…

I came in expecting “Jul 2011”.

I’m kinda interested in the “National Decree” part. Constitutional Amendment?

But, y’know, take away the woo-woo and tree of life, and there is at least some validity to the OP… The western industrialized nations ought to have the resources to improve, hugely, upon the quality of life, not only for themselves but for all other nations too…

(Sigh… From such ideals came the ugliness of communism… The dream of reason produces monsters… I guess I’ll go make a charitable donation somewhere…)

Trinopus (my glass is 1/8 full…but at least I have a glass…)

I think what he’s saying is that we need to pass a constitutional amendment that says “Be perfect”.

Yes! In fact, I was all prepared with a witty one liner, too.

Now I’m pissed. My “spiritual, philosophical, technological and practical abilities” are shot.

ETA: Don’t be fooled by the Dec 2004 join date. Only 58 total posts, including the OP.

Tree of Life, Babylon… I’m sensing Rastafarian here?

Or just a Terrence Malick fan.

Are we sure this isn’t a zombie thread? After all, Babylon fell in 539 BCE, and I’m pretty sure it’s already been replaced.

Thank you, I prefer the solution where all the world trembles and screams under my yoke and lash.

I think you will find that will be the attitude of any one in a position to do what you are describing.

My guess is TM.