The ABSOLUTE creepiest movie

Hi all, I’m planning a weekend of doing absolutely nothing but sitting in front of my TV and melding with the tube. Looking for a couple of horrors.

scariest movie ever please.

on my list so far…

EVENT HORIZON (haven’t seen it yet, heard great things)
Rosemary’s Baby (haven’t seen it yet, heard great things)
Audrey Rose (seen parts… anything with kids freaks me out)
Exorcist 3 (the wax statue scene with the clippers…eeee!)

I need 2 more 3 more please.

thank you all!!!

…there are scenes in Event Horizon that are completely disturbing…aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…

…and IMHO, nothing beats the original “Exorcist.” It’s been, what…twenty-five years and I still can’t bring myself to watch it again. Or “Silence of the Lambs.”
…but I’m sure you’ve seen both of these though.

There’s this old Japanese flick I saw when I was, like, ten or so about feudal Japan and these soldiers who, while travelling through the woods, come across a woman and her mother, who turns out to be a witch. Haunting. I have NO idea what the name of this film is (a little help Dopers*?), but it was in Japanese w/subtitles and staged more like a play, with surreal, fantasy-like sets.

*…no, I don’t think EGGO’s gonna help me on this one…

Hellraiser, hands down.

The Haunting. The original one. Not the remake.

WishMaster or In the Mouth of Madness.

I’d go with that creepy remake of ‘Snow White’ with Sigourney Weaver from a few years ago.

Man when that premature baby who’d been buried for god knows how long starts moving I just about climbed out of my skin.

It’s not gross (despite the above) it’s just sort of a true to the “Grimm” brothers type of fairy tale.


**WishMaster or In the Mouth of Madness.

Whoops! I wanted to add more anyway. I wouldn’t consider either movie particularily creepy, but they are still good, bizarre movies.

I give up!

The #1 creepiest movie I’ve ever seen is the dutch version of “The Vanishing.” Forget the American remake. This is probably the only movie that, if I went to a friend’s house and it was on, I would either leave or insist that it be turned off. Very, very disturbing.

Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer

Very creepy, very realistic, very good casting/acting. I was emotionally disturbed for several weeks after watching it. Even worse, it’s based on a true story.

I second that emotion. Creeepy.

I will. You’re talking about Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood, aka Castle of the Spider’s Web. It’s his remake of MacBeth, and it’s breathtakingly brilliant. And VERY, very creepy.

good one

Jacob’s Ladder. Good film, disturbing images.

I also like Eraserhead, but it’s not to everyone’s taste.


the freakiest movie I’ve ever seen has to be Spice World.
I just could not turn away even though repulsed by every scene. I still have nightmares

Wish Master??? Wish Master didn’t scare me…in fact, it made me want to cry, because I spent money to see it!

I second Coldfire’s vote for Hellraiser. Wow!

The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane, with Jodi Foster. That movie was creepy.

Also high on the creepy scale: Picnic at Hanging Rock. This is an old Australian flick, may be hard to find.

More mainstream, but good, chilling effects: House on Haunted Hill.

oh The Humanity!

Carnival of Souls has a creepy feel. Alien (the first one) freaked me out pretty good.

Athena and irish_bill, you both beat me to it. The Vanishing (the original) is one of the most psychologically horrific movies I’ve ever seen. Totally creepy. Makes you wonder just what kind of psychopaths are out there, just living their merry lives, all the while walking around with a satisfied smile and feeling of accomplishment for what they know they have done.

And not one drop of blood, not one knife or swinging axe, not one ghost or decomposing person in the entire film. I saw this years ago and I still get creeped out just thinking about it.

The Dutch and original version of The Vanishing is called Het Gouden Ei (“The Golden Egg”), and it is quite disturbing and superb indeed.