The adult bouncy castle

You know the urban legend about the church that hires a bouncy castle for adults and ends up with, well, an adult themed bouncy castle?

It would seem that it’s true.

How do I know this? It happened to me. On Saturday. At my church carnival day. We hired (very explicitly stated on the order): “a bouncy castle for adults, but not an erotic one”

What showed up, on the outside looked all innocent. The fireworks on the walls should have set off alarm bells. But they didn’t.

Inside, well, everything was covered. Two giant half beach balls, and, erm… a table and chairs, at the back (yes, that’s it, table and chairs). Perhaps if you didn’t know what else was available, it would never occur.

Unfortunately, you could see the flesh coloured plastic sticking out from underneath, and the easily removable velcro covers were removed by some helpful youths to reveal… something else. That was definitely not a table and chairs and beach balls. And definitely not what we wanted for the church carnival.

Even after the covers went back on, it was the most popular attraction, and the grins on people’s faces as they emerged were priceless.

For some reason, lots of guys kept lying down in the narrow gap between the beach balls. :smiley:

Very amusing. :slight_smile:

Was there a silver lining in the form of increased funds raised? Perhaps word will get around and next year’s carnival will be even better attended.

No, no additional funds it was a “gift to the community” so everything was free (even the food).

What a gift, eh?

Since the OP and all of the replies have been from our Aussie friends, I guess I’m going to have to be the first 'Merikan to ask, “What the hell is a bouncy castle?” And what was in there if not a table and chairs? An Enquiring mind wants to know!

They’re those large, inflatable things often found at carnivals and fêtes. They’re normally for children, who get inside and then “bounce around” - off the walls, off the floor, off each other etc (see here. )

I’m sure that you must have them in the US - perhaps just under another name?

A bouncy castle (also known as a jumping castle) is a big plastic thing that they fill with air (usually a constant pumping of air) and then children (or adults) jump on it. Pictures here

Table and chairs, well, what is long thin and cylindrical, with two round balls on either side (mind you, the table cover significantly shortents the cylinder when it’s in its other form).

You want an inflatable building for adults? Check this out. I, personally, don’t recommend bouncing around in it too much; you might spill someone’s drink.

Nice simulpost.

Now, where can I find info on those? :slight_smile:

They call the Moon Bounces here in the US; at least that’s what my kids and friends call them. I’m having a hard time getting my mind around the fact that there are porno versions of this.

In fact, I’ve someone with a very similar range to the ones we got - may even be the same mob - here

We had the fish slide, pirate ship, gladiator challenge, and the festival castle. But if you look closely, you will see that the festival castle and erotic castle look very, very similar. Just different covers on the inside (which are easily removable).

Finally got home from work (so I can check the pictures), and I can verify that the pictures of the erotic castle do indeed match the festival castle - festival indeed!

What I can’t figure out is what is the market for a jumping castle with 4 foot boobs and an 8 foot willy? Who on earth hires these things?

My question, too. My daughter loves the Moonbiounce/Bouncy Castle things, but in my experience they’re all big, noisy things that take up a lot of room and can’t be ignored. Where the hell would you put up one with giant adult parts? Who would use it?

And, as Pepper Mill observed, I hope they clean it thoroughly after use.
Arguably more disturbing is robinc308’s knowing that these things exist, and that your church carnival group specifically requested “an adult bouncy castle, not an erotic one.” I can’t help thinking that appending that must have raised a few eyebrows at the Church Council meeting.

I did some work on a short-term community radio project last year and we required a bouncy castle for two of the associated kids’ events; it was erected indoors and the company supplying it asked meeky if they could just leave it in situ for the few days between the two events - “Are you kidding!?!” we asked, “errr. what I mean is… is it OK for adults to go on it?”. Affirmative and so quite a few spare moments were spent with the grown-up presenters bouncing on the inflatable; our breakfast DJ presented part of his show by radio mic from the bouncy castle (halfway down this page).

OK… my point: Nearly all adults I’ve met secretly wish they could play on the bouncy castle (although speaking from experience, it’s much more exhausting and dangerous than it was when you were a kid) - it is not at all uncommon for bouncy castles to get hired for parties with no children in attendance. It is not uncommon for adult parties to have some kind of erotic overtones. 2+2=4.

Secretly? Not a chance! Every time I see a bouncy castle I make it very clear that I want one damn it! :smiley:

Y’know, taken out of context, like AngelicGemma did, it sounds more like Mangetout’s bragging about sexual prowess here… :smiley:

When I was a boy we called them Moon Walks.

And we LIKE IT!

Then again, when I was a boy men were walking on the moon.
I did play Laser Tag in a moon walk that had walls and such in it. It was a blast as you could dive and roll and after 10 minutes you were exausted by the workout.

This thread got me wondering, does anybody happen to recall which came first, the Apollo program (moon landings, esp.) or the Bouncy Castles? Maybe the first models were modelled after moonscapes, and maybe didn’t even have walls? Because I seem to recall them being referred to as “Moonwalks” as well as “Bouncy Castles” back in the late '70’s-early '80’s, even though they looked like castles then…

I don’t know what kind of moonscapes you’ve been looking at, because the adult bouncy castle certainly didn’t resemble any moonscape I’ve ever seen.

Ahem. What I was saying was that I’ve heard it called both things too, and was wondering if that stemmed from the “castles” being invented around the same time as the Apollo program… and further, that perhaps the earliest models were just an airbag equivalent of a trampoline, without walls. Or that there were walls, but that they would’ve been black, with stars, and the floor would’ve portrayed the lunar surface. Just a hypothesis, and a WAG, because I wasn’t around to know then and my personal first encounters with the castles were in the late '70s-early '80’s, when they were shaped like castles but called both “bouncy/jumping castles” and “moonwalks”.

BTW, what were you looking at when you sniped at my post? Certainly not my actual post, which was terser than this one, but clear enough, or so I thought…