The Aislers Set

Has anyone else heard of a band called The Aislers Set?

I heard them on an alternative radio programme in the UK, but I think they’re a US band.

Yes, they’re a San Francisco indie band on Slumberland Records (if you know American indie music, that’s the label that Velocity Girl and the Lilys started off on). I think one of the Aisler’s Set folks used to be in Henry’s Dress who were a fairly popular SF indie band in the mid-late 90s. Don’t know much else about them though - I’m sure a web search will come up with any information you need.

I’ve got 2 of their CDs. They’re pretty decent indie pop. Favorite song: “Long Division”.

I got a couple of their songs off Napster to try them out a bit more–I want the CD now!

‘The Red Door’ is the best I’ve heard so far, but I haven’t heard Long Division.

Anyway who’s heard of The Delgados they remind me of them a bit.