The alchemist---your Thoughts

I recently just finished reading the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Was wondering if anyone else had read it and what your thoughts were on it.

Also, another other book recommendations that are similar?

I liked it . It was a little simplistic and full of woo type inspirational thinking; but at the time it made me feel alright.

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It’s been many years since I read it. I remember enjoying it . . . until the woo-ish pseudo profundity took over.

I wonder how many times the word “woo” will be used in this thread - I’m guessing numerous.

I read it in the early 90s, and didn’t hate it enough to read a few of his other books that my cousin had. Paulo Coelho is pretty prolific, and has written quite a few other books, so if you liked the Alchemist, he has plenty of other books to read.

I find his writing to be simplistic, and full of “the universe will provide” kinds of magical thinking.