The All-Encompassing 'Please Help ID This Movie' Thread

No need for separate threads for these, here’s an all-in one thread. I suggest we can do this sort of thing for books and songs as well.

Here’s my contribution. Was this in a movie or did I dream it? A character who is clumsily trying to get out of some situation say"I have to go…I left a child…outside…on fire."

That’s all I know. I realize that could be any of a dozen John Cusack movies, so it’s not much to go on. Any ideas?

Can’t find anything online to verify it, and I’m not sure, but I think it was Dave Foley in The Wrong Guy. It was a very funny movie, anyway.

It was like Twilight Zone: The Movie or Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, with several vignettes (I’ve always wanted to use that word). The only two I remember are:

  1. A man is obsessed with a female coworker. He gives her a ride home one night, and when she rejects his advances, he strangles her with her own hair. Then, the night before she is buried, he has ‘relations’ with her corpse. Nine months later, the fruit of this union digs it way out of the grave and kills him.

  2. During the Civil War, or just after, some Union soldiers, maybe deserters, come upon a town where all the adults are dead and most of the children who are left have been injured in some way because of an attack on the town. The children keep the soldiers locked up, but one of them makes friends with a little girl. I think she helps him to escape, but he is captured. A boy who likes the little girl takes out one of the soldier’s eyes to replace one that she lost.

I think these are from the same movie, but I’m not sure.

Once I woke up and this movie was on:

It was something with a circus, and these two women who were making love. It wasn’t porn, but it was very erotic. Anyone know the movie?

There was this movie I say a couple of years ago on TV - basically this guy seemed like a wimp, but was actually in an organized crime group, and was leading on both a white women and this black women, but was unhappy with both of them. Then he and some of his partners in crime decide to kidnap and ransom the daughter of this Japanese Industries without telling their boss about the crime. But the Japanese Industries had just blown all his money on a failed movie, and was about to kill himself when he got the message that his daughter was kidnapped. Unable to pay the ransom, he contacts his old friend to track his daughter down - the friend is the kidnappers crime boss. Also, the wimpy guy and the Japanese daughter end up together by the end of the movie.

DreadCthulhu’s mystery flick is The Big Hit, staring Mark Whalberg and Lou Diamond Phillips. Not a “good” movie, but a funny one.

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