The Amazing Race: 1/4/05

So, who’s getting booted tonight? Last week was the recap show, this week is Part II of the “To be continued…” episode from 2 weeks ago.

Will it be Lori and Bolo, unable to recover from their broken down Trabant? Or will it be * and Victim, after finally having the spectacular meltdown we all crave?

Bolo and Lori are so obviously doomed I predict some sort of miraculous recovery that allows them to finish at least next to last.

I have a sinking feeling it’s Gus and Hera who have to go ‘bye’ now. Something about the lack of new footage from the recap show (aside from the Door Of No Return clips in Senegal) makes me think they’re not long for this show. I hope I’m wrong.

Yeah, Lolo and Bobo are going to catch up, at the Budapest airport waiting for the single flight a week to South Bungholia and the next roadblock.

There was too new Shirtless Gus Action Figure and He-Ra, Princess of Power footage on the clip show, even if it was only his story about having a beer named for him. That’s as much as Kris&Jon had, too. I’m not worried a bit.

I’d bet on Hayden and Aaron biting it. For no good reason except that they’re not working as smoothly as I’d thought. Won’t be *&Victimia this time; they’re in too good a shape physically.

I think the producers knew the Travats would screw someone over so they intentionally made the leg a “double.”

I’ll bet bunching allows Lori and Bolo to make it back to even footing (or at the very least, a graduated start time like we saw in the Ice Tent episode).

As for the rest of the show, I want to see the reactions to Freddie’s “break you in half” comment shown in the previews.

As long as Captain Jerkwad doesn’t win a single leg I can continue to believe in God and a just and true universe.

I fear Lori and Bolo are going to bite it, but I hold out some hope. They are probably the only team crazy enough to attempt the Fast Forward (something vampiresque, apparently), if they can get to it. I have a sneaking suspicion that something happens at the train station to save their butts. Can’t explain why, though. I will continue to cheer for them, as they make me laugh.

Hopefully I am not the only one who is hoping for Rebecca & Adam or Hayden & Aaron to get booted first. I hate the lot of them. In some sick sort of way, I am hoping Assathan & Victoria hang around a little longer, if only to help me appreciate for that my family is totally batshit deranged and crazy, but at least they aren’t on television.

What is a Fast Forward? I don’t know that I’ve seen that.

I have a theory about why we got the “To Be Continued”. I think that maybe Bolo and Lori arrive after the other teams leave for the next leg. So in this episode we see the start of the next leg and then the rasslers get eliinated.

Just a thought.

It’s unlikely that would occur Gangster. I suspect that Lori and Bolo will arrive at the net cafe to find it closed but a clue box outside that says go to the pitstop and get eliminated; the traditional fate of teams that fall that far behind.

It seems unlikely that Lori and Bolo will just get booted. First of all, why not do just what they did with Lena and Kristi and have Phil travel out to the train station to Philiminate the two?

And, more to the point, the producers have discretion on how to construct each episode – so why would they put together a rare “to be continued” episode, with a cliffhanger at the end of the first part… only to bump Lori and Bolo off the cliff at the beginning of the second part? That’s terrible television.

Even worse television would be to have Lori and Bolo a day behind for the entire freakin’ episode. Ooooh, tension.

So I gotta believe Lori and Bolo will catch up at some point. Now, whether the stay caught up will remain to be seen.

But there would still be the usual elimination at the end.

I wonder if the Net Cafe has anything to do with the next Elimination, or perhaps the Yield. Except this time, everyone votes online for the team to get Yielded – in which case, it would be funny to see the J&V team get 11-1. Because it would be so like Jonathan to vote against his own partner.

And I wouldn’t expect the Fast Forward to help anyone. There’s only two in the whole race, so obviously the first place team will go for it every time.

Part of me is wondering if they’ll get a do-over of sorts. I’m sure the contracts have a fair amount of latitude for the producers to make an entertaining show, and I’m wondering if they’ll just get a huge boost to make up for the crappy car, particularly if it’s proven to not be their fault.

A go-to-the-pitstop pass, that let’s you bypass all remaining tasks for that leg. Each team can only use one FF per race. It hasn’t been mentioned this season; either they’ve eliminated it or no one has thought about using it yet.

WOuld they do a double elimination? Bump Lori and Bolo at the beginning of this one, and them eliminate another team at the end of the episode (in the usual way)?

Or maybe this leg is a non-elim? That’s what I’m kind of hoping for, because I like them. Yeah, they’re crummy racers, but they’re funny and entertaining to watch. I’d rather watch the two of them bumble around than another minute of Jackass and Victoria.

“That’s why women don’t rule the world”.

Nicely done asshat.

Well, I guess there’s no reason to watch it anymore…

spoilers start here!

What do you mean? We still have loveable Lori/Bolo and Asshat/Vicotoria.

So what exactly happened to Freddy? I missed it. All I saw was it had something to do with a gate and it hit him. Who pulled it down? Was that shown?