Amazing Race 1/25/05

No thread? It is only a few hours away. Did I miss it?

I can’t wait! I half expect the episode to open with a sun rising, and birds chirping signaling the end of a storm. That’ll just be in the episode of my mind, though.

Go Kris&Jon & Lori&Bolo!

i think i saw something about them going to Sri Lanka. How repulsed will Kendra be??

I gotta figure Lori & Bolo’s time is numbered, but i hope they win it all.

No More Models!

…aaaaaand I’m home with 10 minutes to spare.
Damn those Tuesday night Cub Scout meetings.

Okay, I’m ready.

  • and Victoria were on the radio in Atlanta this morning. They were, of course, unapolgetic about their behavior, and blamed everything that was shown on bad editing.

Who’s surprised?

~bounces~ Yay! Here we go!

Go Kris and Jon!

Wow, not nearly as much drama with * and Victoria gone.

I LOVED the last part of the race. An absolute free-for-all. THAT is a race. I think TAR needs to have a lot more of those moments.

It was a free for all at the end. And for the second time in a few minutes highlighted the importance of reading the clue before running off madly in all directions.

And…yay…Kris and Jon

Man, I’m really disappointed that Lori and Bolo bought it this leg. They were doing really well otherwise…seemed like they were constantly neck in neck with Kris/Jon until they screwed up that last clue.

Did anyone besides me snicker when Kris/Jon were lamenting how unfair the bunching points were? Nice to know they find them as annoying as the viewers do…nothing like busting your ass to get ahead and then having it all flushed away while you’re waiting for something to open, or all have to be on the same flight.

Oh…I forgot to add, I so totally wish that they would implement a rule that says that if you utter anything resembling “I want to go home”, you get to do just that. Even though Adam was being a total dramaqueen over it and I don’t think he really wanted to go, I still wanted to punch him in the throat.

“Adidas Ababa”


I’m so going to miss Bolo…

Yes, the free-for-all at the end was fun.

Watching Kris exit from the pool was great! (Thank god for the slo-mo button on Tivo)

An avoidable mistake made by the losing team. It’s too bad, but it’s a good lesson for the other teams to read their frickin’ clues carefully.

Freddy’s comment about Adam the “nancy boy” was hilarious.

I really expected (hoped for?) Adam and Rebecca to just give up earlier at the train station.

adam never really bothered me too much, but tonight I just wanted to slap him until those freckles flew off. What a total jerk. I’m glad rebecca called him on it. And their kisses looked so…not sure what the word is but it’s not ‘passionate’.

i miss L & B already.

In this episode, it didn’t matter how fast you ran the laps around the track, or how fast you climbed the tree/did the elephant thing, or even how fast you negotiated most of the getting from place to place. Bunch, bunch and bunch. What a crappy episode. If Lolo and Bobo hadn’t screwed up, it would have all come down to how fast each of four teams could swim a lap and jockey for position in front of the mat.

How about Rebecca unabashedly admitting what a manipulative little weasel she is. “I want to win, so I can pretend to be his … girlfriend for now.” At the same time, his completely pathetic approach to most life circumstances makes it hard to really care.

I am sad and a little surprised that Lori and Bolo are gone. They were doing so well. But you knewa mental error would cost them. I just realized tonight how much Bolo reminds me of Strong Mad. Check it out. Strong Sad


But as I said last week, at this point of the game, given the remaining teams, the only thing that separates them is making fewer mistakes than everyone else. Freddie must be a jackrabbit that he ran up and down before Lori reached the top-- either that, or he had the clue in hand and managed to re-read it while mounting the stairs. Adam & Rebecca were damn lucky to get saved by a bunching point, and Hayden & Aaron should realize that you never get in a car when the driver is wearing a hat :wink:

By any honest account, Adam & Rebecca should be gone. What kind of store/temple closes at 4 pm anyway?

Some random Race-time commentary from the Peanut Gallery, Front and Central, Chez Jayjayfreak:

jayjay: “Bolo looks like a giant Oompa-loompa running that lap.”
supervenusfreak: “It’s the great big, out-of-proportion head.”

jayjay: “Adam runs like a three-year-old.” (You know, that oh-my-god-he’s-going-to-fall-forward out-of-balance dainty-stompin’ thing…)
supervenusfreak: “That’s because he is one.”

jayjay: “Did Bolo just say ‘Adidas Ababa’?”

jayjay (after the Roadblock was described…all those steps!): “You’d be doing that one.”
supervenusfreak: “I know.”
jayjay (after Phil tells us about finding the flag and swimming pool from the top of the rock): “Uh-oh. You can’t find the car in a parking lot. We’d be fucked.”
supervenusfreak: :stuck_out_tongue:

jayjay: “You know, I LIKE Lori, but damn…that woman is pure trailer-park when she’s mad!”
supervenusfreak: “Then again, if I’D gotten up to the top and found out I had to run back down then back up, I’d be screaming at YOU like a fishwife, too.”
jayjay: “You wouldn’t have to. When I realized you had to have the ticket that I still held, I’d have already been going up to meet you halfway.”
supervenusfreak: “You can’t. It’s a Roadblock.”
jayjay: “Damn. I forgot about that…but it’s the thought that counts, right?”

errr… that link should say Strong Mad.

This is the first season I’ve watched. I’m enjoying it but the bunching is annoying. There is too much of it. I can understand a little bunching but it happens way too often.

I really dislike Adam. He’s such a wimp and dramaqueen. When faced with the least amount of adversity he wants to quit.

I’m so glad * is gone. I cheered last week when he and Victoria were eliminated. As much as I couldn’t stand him, I disliked her just as much. She was so shrill.

I’m going to miss Lori and Bolo. They were dysfunctional but it seemed to work for them. Plus they were good comedy relief.

I’m rooting for Kris and Jon. I really like them and they work well as a team.

My favorite shot of this episode: Shot of mournful Bolo, waiting at the bottom of the hill, scratching himself. Quick cut to a red monkey, scratching.

The editors are evil evil people. I worship them.

Yeah. I saw that and thought, “There are definitely some Survivor editors working this show…”