"The Amazing Race" announces new teams.

Here’s a photo of the new cast of the 2012 season of “The Amazing Race.”


I love the show, but the ‘types’ they cast has become a little too predictable. Without even clicking to look at their bios (and as I type this, I haven’t), it’s way too easy to pick out:

The Barbies
The father with the gay son
The old couple who will be eliminated first
The jocks
The hippies
The couple I’m gonna’ hate

I’m just guessing that there’s also a separated couple contemplating getting back together and a new couple, both using the race to ‘test’ their love for each other.

On your mark, get set, go! Sunday, September 30th.

Meh. How many different connections can you have? And while there’s a Barbie team this year, your other combos didn’t make the cut. The closest thing to a “jock” team is a pair of male strippers!

Early prediction, the lumberjack and his fiancee go all the way.

On camera?

I wager these two old geezer MONSTER TRUCK DRIVERS have more stamina than the rock & roller and his entertainment attorney. The latter will get their hair in their eyes while rope climbing and fall to their deaths.

Didn’t we have the good-looking amputee with the pretend boyfriend already? Is there a deep well of these couples in the reality TV contestant pool?

Are you referring to the white Barbies or the black Barbies?

Is this the team in the front row left? Because those are two teachers of the same approximate age. One just happens to be very, very short. (The return of Mirna and Shmirna?) There isn’t a father-son team; indeed, there isn’t a parent-offspring team at all. There is a gay team, though, who are goat farmers.

There are two old couples. Four if you include the teachers and the rockers.

Actually Chippendales. Maybe they’re jocks, who knows?

Rockers, actually. (Well, one is.)

There are also the “dating divorcees”. The rest are all billed as simply “dating”.

What the hell does a 23-year-old “land consultant” do?

Talks to the Earth.

There are no old couples. The oldest racer is in his mid 50s.

Mid 50s is ancient to TV casting directors.

They’ve hardly scratched the surface; formerly conjoined twins, a chiropractor and his nutritionist, Hollywood starlet and her body double. Use your imagination.

I’m kinda surprised they haven’t done that last one already.

Yeah. There are seven Amazing Racers who are in their 50’s, six of whom are teamed up with each other and the other engaged to a 45-year-old. I think The Amazing Producers are stacking the deck this time; they really want to see an “old couple” win.

Wonder what the challenges would be?

First Detour: Geritol Guzzle or Bust a Bustle

First Roadblock: Construct a Walker

Typically, the “old” team is in their 60s. So no, I don’t consider any of these teams old.